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 Jessica A. Clavet's character submission.

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Jessica Clavet


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MesajSubiect: Jessica A. Clavet's character submission.   Lun Dec 26, 2011 9:11 pm


Character name: Jessica Anne Clavet
Gender: Female
Birthday: July 11th.
Age: Eleven/11.

Blood status: Half-blood.
Ethnicity/nationality: Caucasian/English.
Place of birth/residence: England/The United Kingdom.


Family background and description: Born to a muggle father and witch mother, her magical blood was kept a secret from both her and her father until her age of eight, when she started performing magical tasks, unintended. Upon her fathers finding out the truth, he left the family, his location still unknown. Her mother is a business-oriented woman, continuing her work in the muggle world and giving her daughter little attention, usually leaving her alone most of the time, including months at a time for business trips since a young age.
Personal history (what happened to your character until his current age, at least a paragraph about this, also this section requires to be constantly updated): Nothing very exciting has happened in her life, besides getting her letter from Hogwarts. She is very academically motivated at Hogwarts, despite having no motivation in normal muggle schools at all. Due to her shy and introverted nature, she rarely speaks with others or makes friends unless they approach her first, and people rarely come to her with good intentions. Therefore, most of her life, she's never had a true friend. Her preferred pet is a black cat named Xavier, the only living thing she has grown close to. She's a fairly insecure person, perhaps having just a bit of social anxiety. She's a very quiet person, mostly blending into the background. Perhaps something exciting will happen to her at Hogwarts..


Physical Appearance: Jessica has 'boy' short, rather shaggy dark brown hair, off her neck. The bangs are a little too long and they should probably be cut, as they're hiding parts of her eyes. She finds it 'practical' and less of a pain to work with, usually just covering it with some sort of hat. The eyes are a bright, olive green and they are rather thin. She has glasses with thick black frames. Due to not spending much time outside, she has very pale skin, and a few freckles, due to genetics. (She also has a thick accent.) A small mouth, but very full lips. She's a bit tall for her age, very thin and appears lanky due to having long arms and legs. She typically slouches (as she's insecure about her height) and keeps her head down, making herself look unapproachable.
Personality (strengths, weaknesses, traits, flaws, interests, what does he or she love? hate? write a bit about each) Jessica is a typical introvert, rather disliking most people she's met. She seems very shy and quiet at first. Rather clumsy physically, she's often tripping over herself, dropping things, etc. Easily embarrassed and frustrated. Beneath it, she's adventurous, somewhat brave, and very knowledgeable and resourceful. She works hard and is motivated in school, as she loves magic. Honest and loyal, she has a strong sense of justice. A typical chaotic good, getting herself into trouble if it means doing the right thing. A creative, artistic, and odd individual. Her downfall is that she's incredibly stubborn, even if it means doing something she dislikes or even denying herself something she wants, just to prove a point. She's also rather hot-headed, and can hold grudges for the longest time. Overall, she's pretty insecure in all aspects. She has a tendency to break certain rules for the sake of adventure and excitement. She adores magic and animals (mythical or not). She's insecure in her abilities as a witch, though she'd probably be decently powerful, if anything for her sheer knowledge. She's typically kind and polite in nature but has been know to be very cruel if you get on her bad side. She likes cooking, art, and music - is a bookworm - and dislikes large crowds and disorganization.

Boggart: Death. (Perhaps she would see herself dead/dying, or a grim reaper of sorts.)
Mirror of Erised: Herself as a great witch, with friends and her mother. A happy life.
Patronus: A crane.
Amortentia: Considering she's only eleven, I don't think she'd smell anything. I'll edit this as she grows older, as the things we're attracted to change as we grow.

Additional information: She's pretty smart for her age and might act a bit older than eleven at times. She also feels more comfortable around boys, as she's insecure with her appearance and abilities, and believes other girls would have higher standards. Her personality blossoms the more comfortable she becomes with a person. In fact, get her on the right subject and she might become a little annoying..
How you found the forum: A wikipedia listing HP RPG websites.
Role-play example (at least 50 words). Role-play as your character in any situation you want.


As the so-called 'Hogwarts Express' slowed to a stop, olive eyes directed themselves towards the window. It was already so dark.. How long had she been on this train? Shrugging it off, Jessica turned and took a good look out of the window, finding the huge castle known as Hogwarts still far in the distance. Woah.. In her compartment, a group of kids who also seemed to be first years leaned in closer to the window as well, surprised and excited expressions all matching her own. Hearing a conductors voice directing the students to step off the train, she excitedly stood up, quickly grabbing the single trunk she'd brought into the actual compartment with her and the carrying case that stored her companion, Xavier. Rushing out of the door, she would've practically ran to the exit if it hadn't been for the other students in her way.

After some time of organizing students into boats and what seemed like an eternity crossing the waters that led to the school grounds, finally the large group of first years found themselves being lead through the entrance halls of the castle itself. Her trunks and pet had already been taken, and she was practically bouncing in her steps. Normally she wouldn't act so outwardly excited, but she was about to get sorted after all! Starting her first year at Hogwarts.. No one would judge her for this. After hearing a staff member who's name she hadn't caught go over a list of rules, the large doors finally opened, and into the Great Hall they ventured. Making their way up to the front past long tables filled with older kids, the first-years piled into an disorganized pool in front of the staff table and a stool holding an old, worn out looking hat.

Listening as other student's names were called out, she anxiously waited for her turn to be finally sorted. Oh, please Ravenclaw or Gryffindor! Despite not learning of her magical capabilities until just three years ago, she had studied a lot on details about the school she'd be spending most of her youth in. Hearing her name called broke her out of her thoughts, and suddenly she was stuck with an unbearable feeling of anxiety. Slowly making her way past the small crowd and up the steps, she sat on the flimsy wooden stool, awaiting the feeling of the sorting hat being placed on her head.
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Jessica A. Clavet's character submission.
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