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 Character Application Scorpius Felton

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Scorpio Felton

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MesajSubiect: Character Application Scorpius Felton   Mar Oct 25, 2011 10:59 am

Character Name: Scorpio Felton
Gender: Male
Birthday: May 5th
Age: 11
Blood Status: Pure-Blood
Natiionality: English
Residence: Felton Manor, Withshire, England

Background: Scorpio Felton was born in a pure-blooded family. His parents Tom Felton and Tina Felton (Kennard) were both working in the ministry of magic and his father was also on the hogwarts schoolboard.

Personal History: Scorpio was raised his whole childhood in felton manor, withshire and just like every pure-blooded witch and wizard was he homeschooled by a tutor and his parents. At the age of five he showed his first signs of accidental magic when he turned his fathers hair red and gold. He also under the years that have gone have learned how to play quidditch thanks too his father who love Quidditch and have bringed this love too Scorpio as well. When Scorpio turned eleven he got his hogwarts letter and was very excited.

Physical apperance: Scorpio is pretty tall for his age, He has black hair that is sleeked backed and hazelbrown eyes.

Personality: Scorpio is loyal but only to family, he is very cunning and would do anything to achieve what he wants. He likes to talk, very much about himself. He likes being in the spotlight, he is attracted to dark arts.

He is very much interested in quidditch. His favorite subjects is Potions and Defence against the dark arts, his least favoured subjects is Divination and History of magic.

Boggart: Being in Gryffindor.
Mirror of Erised: Being quidditchcaptain.
Patronus: Dragon.
Amortentia:Vanilla, Choclate,Roses.
Additional information: None
Found the forum: Advertisment on Harry Potter Wiki

Role-playing example:
Scorpio was standing outside the great hall. He and the other were waiting to get in to be sorted. Scorpio knew he would be in Slytherin. "God forbid being in hufflepuff or gryffindor. He shuddered at the thought.
Finally the doors opened and they walked in. After hearing the hat sing the sorting started.

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Character Application Scorpius Felton
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