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 James Riddle's Relationships

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James Riddle
James Riddle

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MesajSubiect: James Riddle's Relationships   James Riddle's Relationships EmptyMar Sept 06, 2011 2:58 pm

Hogwarts Magic Realm
James Riddle's Relationships Haydenchristensen31
James Riddle
About you : James has always been very tolerant and open-minded, especially since he knows what it means to be prejudiced against, being a Muggle-born. He is loyal, kind and always there to help a friend in need. Even if he may not always admit it due to his modesty, he is quite intelligent, being a true Ravenclaw. Not attracted to power or the dark arts, he tends to follow the rules and tries always to act fairly. However, he most certainly lacks in courage, is not very talkative, and can sometimes seem a bit shy or distant, not letting people get close to him easily.

It’s all about love
mutual love I’m happy I have you near me
loving me I know you love me.
loving you I’m sorry but I felt in love with you..
girlfriend You are my girl and I will always love you.
boyfriend You are my boy and I will always love you
engaged On our way to get married
married The weight of the world is fallin' on my shoulders.
mutual crush One day you will be mine.
secret crush one day you will be mine
ex-good terms I am happy we are still friends
ex-bad terms I didn’t want it to end like this

This is My Family
parents I thank you for everything I became
sibling You are for sure my closest friends
cousin You are still part of my family
grandparent It is possible not to love them?
aunt You are more then welcome in our family.
uncle It’s always good to have an uncle near you
neice You are like my second daughter
nephew You are like my second son
child For me you are everything.

They are my friends

acquantance I don’t really know to many things about you
new friends I am always happy to meet new people
good friends It’s always good to have some good friends around you
best friends I can talk with you about everything
bffs We are inseparable
drinking buddies Watch closely as I open this door
party buddies I love to party with you
pen friends The letters are the one that connects us
childhood playmates I know you since we were kids
neighbors Your house is near mine
childhood neighbors I think you were the kid next door I used to play with.
school friends We met at school and since then we are friends

You are my Enemy
mutual hate It’s simple : you hate me,I hate you.
I hate you I can’t stand you at all
you hate me That’s your problem
arch enemies I so want to see you dead
mutual dislike I don’t hate you but I don’t like spending time with you
engaged Or am I the reason you cry?
I dislike you It doesn’t make me happy talking with you
You dislike me I know I am not one of your friends
childhood enemies Since we were kids we used to hate one each other.
best friends turned enemies I trusted you..but looks like you were my enemy

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James Riddle's Relationships
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