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 Starting in the Middle of the School Year

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MesajSubiect: Starting in the Middle of the School Year   Mier Apr 20, 2011 7:40 am

Melodi was in depressed mood. Her parents had just been killed by a group of Dark Wizards and the Ministry of Magic's Orphaned Children Department was forcing her to go to some random British Wizarding school, miles from her home in the United States. because it was "safer". Why she ever dreamed of working there, they were a bunch of insensitive idiots. They moved her from all her friends in the Salem Wizarding School, in the middle of the school year.

She walked from the train station, through the wall in platform 9 3/4, and slept on the train to "Hogwarts". What kind of name was that? She read a book she'd been given by one of her favorite teachers the day she left. Hogwarts, a History, 2nd Edition. By the sound of it, Hogwarts was a pretty old school with a lot of history. She felt slightly better about the whole thing, and personally hoped she'd be a Ravenclaw.

When she arrived she was happy to become a Ravenclaw in the Sorting Ceremony. She walked back out into the Entrance Hall when the ceremony and customary feast was over, now in her Ravenclaw robes. "It's so stuffy in here..." She said aloud to herself. She heard footsteps. Turning around, she saw someone approaching her. "Hello?"
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Elisabetta Domenici


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MesajSubiect: Re: Starting in the Middle of the School Year   Mar Aug 30, 2011 4:46 pm

"Oh, hi! A fellow Ravenclaw. This is spiffy." Betta grinned, walking up to Melodi. "How'd you like the Sorting Ceremony? Someone on the train told me we'd have to wrestle a baby troll or something to see which house we'd be put in. Can you imagine wrestling a troll? Anyway, I'm Elisabetta, but everyone just calls me Betta. It's a lot easier on the old mouth than saying 'Elisabetta' all the time." she explained. "My parents use it whenever they're mad at me, though...of course, the tend to say 'Elisabetta Simone-Juliette Domenici' whenever they're mad at me, but that's another story for another time." Betta smiled again and looked around at all of the photographs on the wall. "These pictures are moving--did you see that old knight just walk into the picture of those ladies who are sitting in the park?"

Betta looked round again and noticed the stair cases. "Look! The stairs are moving! Isn't this great?" She was about to say something else when she remembered that she probably should let the other Ravenclaw speak. "Sorry. I do tend to ramble. What's your name?"
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Starting in the Middle of the School Year
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