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 [Professor App]- Dominique Bordeaux

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Dominique Bordeaux

Dominique Bordeaux

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MesajSubiect: [Professor App]- Dominique Bordeaux   Sam Apr 09, 2011 4:04 pm

Your Full Name:
Dominique Bordeaux

Year when you graduated Hogwarts:

Subject you are applying for:

Why do you want to become a professor?:
I want to become a professor so I can teach students(and any adults willing to sit through my class) the art of charming. I want them to be aware that even though charming can be a beautiful thing it can also be dangerous, even life threatening. It should not be taken lightly and therefore, I will be stressing this a lot throughout my teachings. I also would love to be of inspiration to students who wish to become great charmers in the future for the greater good.

Why you have chosen this subject?
My birth father, who was of half-blood, was a great wizard who practically mastered the art of charming. He embraced both the light and dark forms of this magic without it being lethal to both himself and those around him. As a child, I was always inspired by how easily he can create magic with the flick of his wand and ever since, I have been wanting to become a great charmer just like he was. Upon his gruesome death, his wand was given to me in his will. With this wand I have even a stronger will power to follow in my father's footsteps. That even if you are a half-blood, mud-blood and are not of pure-blood, you can achieve greatness!

Have you applied for any professions yet?
I have not. I am still deciding, though I have a few in mind.

Will you be able to post 2 lessons /month?
But of course.

Do you have any previous experience in this field?:
Absolutely. Since my mother was of pure-blood and it was against the pure-blood culture to marry anyone not of pure-blood, she alloped with my father deep into the woods. While my father was still alive, me and him practiced charming often. My mother was not as skilled in charming but she was a very excellent Animagus. This is a witch/wizard who can morph him or herself into a specific animal at will. I am able to do this as well but only do so on occasions. I am still trying to master it to the point of not being left with a horrible migraine after the transformation.

Role Playing Example(minimum 750 words ;situation=teaching your first class)
"Good evening, class! I am your Charms Professor, Mr. Dominique Bordeaux, in which I will remain your teacher throughout your entire years here at Hogwarts! It is a absolute pleasure to be teaching here at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and I am ecstatic with delight to see you all here today." A gentle light shined in through the new stain glass windows of Classroom 2E above the professor, which gave his entire body a dark silhouette effect. He could barely see his students faces as some sat fidgeting in their seats in the dark, fire lite room. They could only hear his voice and didn't really have a clear indication of the figures appearance. Four long, large desks built like stairs, were located against both sides of the classroom. In the center of each wall was a lit fireplace and leading from the door to the professors desk was a long, red wine colored carpet. In the center of the room, between the two fireplaces, rested a giant marble fountain which held with what looked like smoke yet flowed like water. The room itself gave off a sort of eerie, romantic feel which sent uneasy feelings throughout the entire room.

"Before I began class, I would like to make you all aware of who I am. I'm not fond of uncomfortable tension in my environments so I hope that telling you all a little bit about me will help break the ice. I was a past student here at Hogwarts and graduated in 2008. Those of you who are in your upper years here at Hogwarts might even remember me, actually!....well, maybe. For a matter of fact, if you don't recognize my name you might recognize my face."immediately following his sentence, he replied with the spell word,"Wingardium Leviosa (win-GAR-dee-um lev-ee-OH-sa) ". Shortly following, the room began to slowly fill with light as the drapes that were covering the large windows behind the professor, began to raise. The more light that shined in, the more the students would be able to see the back of their professors body. Before long, the entire room was lit up with beautiful, shining light which complimented the now seen bookshelves which lined the walls around them. "Ahhh, that's more like it. It was starting to become offly depressing in here, wasn't it?" Dominique spun around on his heel to meet the class face to face. "This is the first spell that was taught to me by my father and the first I will be teaching you in class today. Also known as the Hover Charm , the caster is able to use this spell to make objects levitate. It is one of the earliest recorded Spells of the Wizarding world, with its origins dating back to ancient England. For those of you that are more advance students, I will. . . oh. . OH!" Dominique begins to laugh, resting a hand on his forehead. "That's right. The school has been under construction in some parts so you all are new to my class! Welcome, welcome to your first semester here at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! Please excuse my lack of observation. This is my first day teaching here at Hogwarts so I suppose I need to work on better observation in class settings."he lowered his wand to his side, letting his other hand drop to his side. "Anyways, enough about me already. It is time to move on to class. Please hold any personal questions towards the end."

He wanted to make a very good impression on his first day teaching but instead he made himself look like an inexperienced fool. If they knew he was of half-blood, it would make his impression even worse. Not even including if they knew how old he was. He was only 21 and despite his mastery of charms, the children would still look down at him for some reason. At least those were the thoughts that were spiraling around in his mind. Lucky for him, he practices Occlumency which is the act of magically closing one's mind against Legilimency. It can prevent a Legilimens from accessing one's thoughts and feelings, or influencing them. For personal reasons, he makes sure to do this daily so that neither can student, teacher, head master or stranger can read his thoughts and memories. He was practically willing to tell the class a bit about himself until in that second, he felt as if speaking openly about himself will only put his professionalism in danger.

"Please open your Standard Book of Spells, Grade 1 to the first chapter, lesson one on the Hover Charm spell. I will be teaching you this spell in class today and your homework for the week, will be to have come back and have mastered this spell!" Dominique lifted his arms up as he looked around the class, elegantly holding his wand in his hands.

"Before you can begin the spell, you must learn wand edict! Hand Movement, in other words! For this spell in particular, it takes a swish and flick! It must be synchronized with the spell. As in, you must say it as you swish and flick! I will give you a better example. I will be levitating the marble fountain in the center of the room. Watch me as I cast the spell and then look towards the fountain to see if it is levitating." with a swish and a flick while he said the spell the class looks towards the fountain and witnesses that it is levitating. "You see. You combined the spell and the hand movement into one unit. I think of it as when a firework takes off from the ground and then explodes in the sky into a glorious artistic display!" the spell continues as he speaks to the class but never takes his eyes off the fountain."Also class, you probably wont be able to keep your object levitating while talking like I am. So don't be bummed if yours don't stay up as your talk to your neighbor." The fountain slowly drops to the floor and the professor lowers his arms to his side once more. "Alright class. I have provided you with feathers on your desk. Use them to practice! And remember, don't give up! Some of you won't be able to get it right away but don't let that stop you from achieving endless possibilities!" he smiled the sweetest smile to the class as he quickly looked around. His eyes almost began to water. He has come this far through thick and thin. He has achieved endless possibilities to get to this point in his life and even closer to his own dreams of becoming one of the schools most legendary charm masters and hopefully a Headmaster himself!

As he began to watch his students practice he had to turn his back to his class to let a tear role down his face. He stood at one of the large windows which overlooked a beautiful, vast green landscape and part of the lake below. To think that he, a mere half-blood, possessed enough skill to teach others at the most legendary witch and wizard schools in the Wizardry World. It was, almost unheard off! Especially if you knew of his past and how he was even able to possess his father's wand, let alone, almost have mastered every charm known to man. Not even his Superiors knew that. If they did, would they see him as a great gift for Hogwarts or a danger to their students and staff? Well, until someone or something can break his Occlumency spell, no one will ever know his true intentions of his dreams.~

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Robi Seah
Robi Seah

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MesajSubiect: Re: [Professor App]- Dominique Bordeaux   Dum Apr 10, 2011 12:50 am

Thank you for Applying

You managed to earn 10 points from 10 questions at the Charm Test .We want to welcome you to Hogwarts as a Charms Professor. A private message was sent to you with all the details .Welcome to the school of magic

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[Professor App]- Dominique Bordeaux
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