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 Ghost Applications

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Robi Seah

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MesajSubiect: Ghost Applications   Dum Feb 27, 2011 9:09 am

Ghost Applications

Unlike the ghosts in a traditional ghost story, these ghosts are neither frightening nor necessarily ghoulish, and many ghosts act as advisors to the other people in their times of need.Before applying for being a ghost please read the following information:
-Ghosts are not allowed to register as any other creatures etc.
-Ghosts are ALLOWED to become professors at Hogwarts.
-Since you are dead ,you can’t use magic that means you won’t be able to use your wand,but you can have small special abilities like turning the light on and off, moving things ,turning the water on and off etc..minor things
-You are allowed to walk through walls but don’t forget that you can’t fly .Your body is levitating some centimeters above the ground but you won’t be able to fly.

!Attention! You need to have at least 300 posts in order to apply for this.In the same time there are limited slots for becoming a ghost.

House Ghosts(each house has it's own ghost):
Hufflepuff House Ghost (0/1)
Gryffindor House Ghost (0/1)
Ravenclaw House Ghost (0/1)
Slytherin House Ghost (0/1)

For applying please create a new thread with the name [Ghost]-Your Name .It will take a bit of time until one of the staff will read your application .Once it will be accepted it will be moved to the specific place ,if not it will be deleted.

Please copy this text in your thread an complete it
[b]Your Name: [/b]

[b]Position(student,professors,Hogwarts Staff, MoM etc): [/b]

[b]Age: [/b]

[b]Why do you want to become a ghost: [/b]

[b]Do you want to become a house ghost too?For which house: [/b]

[b]Do you agree with all the consequences : [/b]

[b]RPG Example(minimum 600 words describing your death):[/b]

Sus In jos
Ghost Applications
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