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 The Start of a New Era

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Anton Devon

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MesajSubiect: The Start of a New Era   Dum Feb 27, 2011 2:47 am

Ages passed since the Hogwarts School of Magic was closed ,but finally the Ministry of Magic decided that it’s time to revive it .With the help of magic and some of the most powerful wizards the school was rebuilt, the same looking as in the past ,and is now ready to accept new students who are prepared to learn how to use magic.

Anton Devon was more than happy to hear that he was chosen as the headmaster of this school . He always respected it and he always fought for trying to reopen it .And now he did it . Together with his good friend Robi Seah he is going to take care of the school.

Anton was standing on the platform in the great hall ,probably one of the biggest rooms in the entire school .This is the place were everyone eats or are announced different events .Today was a big day , Anton was going to announce the reopening of the school and in the same time welcoming the newest witches and wizards.

While rotating his wand he casts the spell Sonorus ,making his voice louder .”Dear students and professors I am more than honored to announce the opening of one of the most known school of witchcraft and wizarding ,Hogwarts. We know that the dark times destroyed all the memories hiding in this school and most of you feel unsafely right now .But I must tell you that during these years everything became more powerful including Hogwarts . The Ministry of Magic tries to convince us that the dark wizards aren’t with us anymore ,but to be honest I don’t believe it .I am here to protect you ,protect the school and protect this magic world ,and I am going to try to do my best . You are safe ,Hogwarts is now back ,more powerful and protected than ever .I hope you will all enjoy your time that you are going to spend here . Now let the festivity start” said Anton.

After he clapped his hands ,on the tables appeared a large variety of foods .The flags on the wall changed their black texture in the coat of arms of Hogwarts .It was true …a new era started.
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Robi Seah

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MesajSubiect: Re: The Start of a New Era   Dum Feb 27, 2011 3:30 am

Robi knew he might be late because he was caught in some things with the ministry but anyway he managed to arrive just after ten minutes .He didn’t use the front door because he didn’t want to disturb the students .He slowly opened the door that was heading to the platform and took a sit at the professors table. Robi was wearing a black robe and he was holding the wand in his right hand .

‘Finally I arrived’ he said to himself while taking a breath.His eyes were pointing at all the students in the great hall and at the new professors. He was convinced that this event is going to be written in the history books .Robi was amazed by the look of the great hall ,he couldn’t believe it still looks the same as in the past.

“You did a great job with that speech” he whispered to Anton .Even if on the tables were many varieties of food he was not hungry at all ,instead he preferred to drink a glass of red wine . In just some days he is going to teach Herbology class so in a way or another he was a bit nervous .

He rolled his eyes while watching at all this witches and wizards and whispered again to Anton “It will be a very interesting year” he smiled as he continued drinking the wine . Even if this was a big event for Robi was nothing special .He participated in many other things like this ,but this time he couldn’t feel anything just the honor that he is the deputy headmaster of the school.

Robi is a person that doesn’t thrust many people .He has some good friends that he enjoys working with ,as for the others he simply looks at all of them as they were dark wizards . ‘It happened once ,this time I will have to be more careful this time’ he said to himself while looking at all the students .He knew that maybe one of them is part of the other side of wizards, the one that are fighting against the Ministry but he preferred to not tell anyone anything ,and behave kindly with everyone. He even smiled ..a thing that he doesn’t do too often.

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Haley Joyce Brookes


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MesajSubiect: Re: The Start of a New Era   Sam Mar 19, 2011 9:04 am

Haley a first year of Hufflepuff, glanced around the room. Everyone was so different here in the magic world. She hoped here she could at less make friends with someone. At her old school no one really liked her. She saw this as a ‘new beginning’ for say. She let her hair and bangs cover her face. Her shyness was taking over.

She eyed the food, but for some reason she couldn’t get the butterflies to stop long enough to consider the thought of food. So she spent her time watching everyone in the great hall. Some people looked like they couldn’t wait long enough to put another piece of food in their mouth. A few first years seemed to be in the same state as her. She flashed a smile at someone at the Ravenclaw table then played with hem of her robs…. Another new thing she had to get use to.

With a defected sigh she picked up a piece of chicken. She needed her strength if she was going to be studying for classes. Charms looked promising, but Herbology? She helped her grandmother plant plants in the summer… would that help? She didn’t think so.

She thought back to all she had read in ‘Hogwarts History’ and knew that some great witches and wizards had come from this school. Maybe, just maybe she could live up to that. She had also learn it was the first time that this school had been open since some war. From what she gathered… no one talked about it. She smiled a little; don’t ask don’t tell.


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James Riddle

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MesajSubiect: Re: The Start of a New Era   Sam Mar 19, 2011 3:20 pm

James was contemplating the Great Hall, while waiting with the others for the Sorting Ceremony to begin. He had never seen something so beautiful and amazing. He still couldn’t believe that all this was really happening, and that it was not part of one of those cruel dreams where you wake up just to find out that it was all just a part of your imagination.

Just two months ago, he was a regular boy. He had never been confronted to magic before, except in the numerous books he read about it. He did notice that strange things happened when he was upset, but he never really attached much importance to it. However, he always hoped that something like magic existed, because he thought that the world he was living in would be so boring without it.

And then, on the night of his eleventh birthday, he received a visit that changed his life forever. The Caretaker of Hogwarts, what he will later learn to be a school of magic, came to announce him that he was a wizard, and that he had the privilege to be in the first generation of wizards and witches that will go to Hogwarts after its recent reopening. James’s first thought it was a joke, but after seeing the letter from the headmaster and the supply list and after hearing the explanation the caretaker gave to his parents, he was in a state between shock and extreme happiness.

After that, James spent the rest of the summer in his room, daydreaming about his future life and reading all the schoolbooks that he bought on Diagon Alley along with his school supplies. He wanted to know everything, and was so excited and eager to enter this amazing new universe. At the same time, he was a bit scared about the thought of leaving his parents and venturing into an unknown world, but this was his dream and he had to pursue it.

Something suddenly snapped him out of his thinking. He heard his name. "Of course, the Sorting Ceremony" he thought, approached the stool hesitantly and put the Hat on his head. It was so wide it covered half of his face. A few moments later, he heard a voice, which was seemingly in his head: “Hmmm… I sense that you are intelligent and just. But I also feel you're patient, loyal and fair. Where to put you? It will be… RAVENCLAW!”. Satisfied by the choice of the Sorting Hat (he had read about the Houses in one of the books he bought), James headed to his table.

He couldn't eat anything. He was overwhelmed by everything that had happened to him in the last several weeks. He looked around, curious about the people he would be seeing everyday from now on. He first glanced at the professors’ table. One of them seemed to be scanning the room while drinking his wine. There was something odd about him; it was like he was on alert, looking for possible sources of danger, glancing anxiously at the Slytherin table every once in a while. Their eyes met and James looked quickly away, pretending to be eating something. He then examined the other students. Most of them seemed nice; one of the girls at the Hufflepuff table even gave him a brief smile. It seemed he could make new friends after all.

When the feast finally came to an end, James headed to the dormitories, tired of all the excitement that he had felt, but anxiously anticipating everything that was yet to come. This was definitely the start of a new life for him.

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Adair Tilden Malfoy


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MesajSubiect: Re: The Start of a New Era   Lun Apr 04, 2011 9:52 am

"Food!" Adair exclaimed as the opening feast magically appeared on the table. A few kids around her laughed. She smiled back at them and began heaping casserole and potatoes onto her plate.

Looking around at the great hall, Adair thought back to the night before. As her mom had gone through their nightly ritual of braiding Adair's hair (taking extra special care, as it was the night before term started), she told Adair all about Hogwarts. Adair remembered being particularly interested in her mother's description of the Great Hall, excitedly anticipating seeing the floating candles and charmed ceiling for herself.

And now she was, and it was more than she had even imagined. Hogwarts was the most wonderful place, and she couldn't wait to experience everything at the same place her parents' had, something she wasn't even sure was possible until this year.

She looked around at the other students in the great hall. She saw a few nervous-looking faces, but all she could think of was her excitement.

Adair Malfoy
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Ruby Sinclair


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MesajSubiect: Re: The Start of a New Era   Dum Apr 10, 2011 5:19 am

"Slytherin, huh?" Ruby mumbled to herself as she sat down.

That was the opposite of where she assumed she'd be placed. Though, considering her family history, maybe the thought of it wasn't too much of a stretch. However, it was still difficult to process that she was at all suitable for Slytherin. Though, despite whatever reasoning lead to her being in this house, she actually didn't mind. She knew her family would definitely be happy about it. That was enough for her.
Ruby felt herself smile a bit as she watched the headmaster continue his speech. Unfortunately, she was too wrapped up in her own thoughts to properly listen to him while he spoke.

Once he finished, Ruby turned back to the table to discover it covered in various food dishes. She felt her smile widen and started to fill up her plate with everything she could get her hands on. Even daring to reach across the other students next to her, squishing them all together in the process.
Ruby devoured anything edible that was on her plate and by the end, she was stuffed with food and silently content.

After a few moments of staring off into what was left of the Ham dish in front of her, she snapped out of it and glanced around her.
It occurred to her that no one had tried to talk to her. Everybody near her was mostly conversing amongst each other.

"I'm not exactly surprised, but still, I wonder why..” she mumbled softly to herself as she propped her arm onto the table so she could rest her chin on her hand.
Now in thinking position, she attempted to make sense of her current situation. Carefully going through many complex trains of thought, Ruby came to a startling possibility.
"Am I being bullied?!" she blurted out loud as she broke her previous pose.
The students nearby looked over at her.
Realizing what just happened, she quickly ducked her head down and covered the lower half her face with her hands. Partially, to cover her embarrassment, but also to shut herself up.

As the feast continued on, Ruby worried over many things, the overall most important thing being, how she was going to survive here.
Both socially and academically.

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David Suarez


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MesajSubiect: Re: The Start of a New Era   Dum Apr 10, 2011 9:43 am

David, while not shy, had found it very hard to say much besides stare in awe at everything, from the passage to the train, to the trip and seeing all the different characters, adult men of his size carrying levitated luggage that was twice their size, what interested him the most were the owls, how they went along in cages and how apparently they were smart enough to deliver letters across different parts of the world, even worse was when he had to get his wand, it was all simply overwhelming.

His conversation with the sorting hat had been a short one, the hat quickly decided that David, the boy from spanish parents, who had moved to London, was set for Hufflepuff. He had eased up on the train, having met some people and knowing that he really wasn’t the only one whose parents weren’t magicians, who were just as lost as him about the whole thing.

He grinned, and then began to eat, he was nervous, but he was even hungrier, so he picked up the closest piece of chicken leg he could find and began to bite. After a while, he realized that a girl besides him wasn’t too talkative, he decided to strike up conversation, after all, she seemed smart, that’d be a great help during classes.

“Hi, my name’s David, what’s yours?” he asked, filling a cup of juice.
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MesajSubiect: Re: The Start of a New Era   Mar Apr 12, 2011 9:28 am

Kayla was new to Hogwarts, just like the rest of the students in her year. She couldn't wait to get started in school and classes and just everything. Her dad was a wizard, and her mom was a muggle-born. So, she was a half-blood. She was cool with it though she thought that wizards and witches are just people with magical powers, so why should it matter what blood they were??

She was currently at the feast excited to find out what house she would get in. Her dad was in Hufflepuff, and her mom was in Ravenclaw. So, hopefully one of those she wanted to carry on one of there houses. The sorting hat had to actually think alittle bit about where it was going to sort her. She waited nevrously, wondering where she was going to be placed.

The hat then yelled Hufflepuff! Kayla was excited and happy as she got up from the stoole and went towards the Hufflepuff table. She sat down with the others and listed to rest of the sorting then the headmaster came in a spoke she had heard stories about the dark wizards from her parents and there times here at Hogwarts. She hoped they were'nt around anymore. Like the headmaster said though, they could still be amoung us today.

She then saw the large amounts of food on the table. It looked wonderful, and Kayla was starving. So, she started to put stuff on her plate and took a sip of the drink that was next to her.
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MesajSubiect: Re: The Start of a New Era   Lun Noi 14, 2011 1:14 am

Scarlet enter the Great Hall, quickly making her way over to the Gryffindor Common Room. She took an apple from a nearby fruit bowl and looked around the room.She had never seen something so utterly amazing, especially the roof, or lack there of. Like everything she had encounted since learning she was a wizard she wondered how it worked. She knew it was magic, but she still found it hard to believe, even while she was right in the middle of it, she was still sure this was a dream, and soon she would wake up in her bedroom at home.

She ate her apple slowly, her legs crossed as she sat on the bench. She still hadn't really met anyone, she had been too in awe to really talk to anyone last night during the feast and afterwards she had been so exhausted she had collapsed onto her new bed as soon as she saw it. She felt lonely in this new place and tugged on her collar, not used to wear a tie, her old school had been much lore lax on uniform.

Finishing her apple, Scarlett took out her timetable. She had Potions first up, in 20 minutes. "I wonder what that will be like" she thought to herself as she stayed on her stop, studying the rest of her timetable and wondering how on earth she was going to find her classrooms as she waited for breakfast to be over.
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MesajSubiect: Re: The Start of a New Era   

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The Start of a New Era
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