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 Annaleigh Edwards

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Annaleigh Edwards


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MesajSubiect: Annaleigh Edwards   Sam Feb 11, 2012 1:05 pm


Character name: Annaleigh Arabella Edwards
Gender: Female
Birthday: December 16th
Age: 11

Blood status (Pure-Blood, Muggle-born, Half-Blood): Muggle-born
Ethnicity/nationality: British
Place of birth/residence: England


Family background description: Annaleigh Edwards comes from a wealthy Muggle family. Although, she doesn't like to talk about her family to much. They weren't that supportive. Her mother and father were Thomas and Rosealia Edwards. Annaleigh has an older brother and sister (who just so happen to be twins) named Daniel and Lydia. Annaleigh being the youngest of her whole family.
Personal history (what happened to your character until his current age, at least a paragraph about this, also this section requires to be constantly updated): When Annaleigh reached the age of 11, she then got her Hogwarts letter. One day, Annaleigh was at the kitchen table eating a very healthy meal that she had just prepared. A black and grey owl came tapping on the window. As she let the owl in, a letter dropped, with that the owl left the house. She showed her parents her letter and they weren't to pleased. They thought about not sending Annaleigh to Hogwarts, but they eventually gave in to her constant begging. From there, Annaleigh's journey awaits as she steps into the world of Magic.


Physical Appearance (what your character looks like: this will help others visualize him or her while role-playing): Annaleigh is about five feet tall and an average weight. She has long silky brown hair and dark brown eyes. She has a few freckels here and there and eyes are almond shaped. Her skin is fair and beautiful. She has long arms and her mouth is very thin. She has a very strong british accent. Annaleigh is very inscure about herself so she will usually be hiding her face with her long hair.
Personality (strengths, weaknesses, traits, flaws, interests, what does he or she love? hate? write a bit about each): Annaleigh is very friendly, but it will take her a while to warm up to you. She hates being in big crowds and prefers a small group of friends, usually consisting about four to seven people, rather than a large group. She can be reckless sometimes, and is really stubborn under some situations. She can be loud, which gets her into trouble. Underneath that, she is very brave and loyal, she also loves to go on adevntures. She is a book worm and she loves to write stories. It passes the time for her. It may seem odd, but she loves to watch the rain as it trickles down her window. She can get excited very easily and is a good listener. If someone breaks a promise that they said they would keep, Annaleigh may not talk to them for a while, depending on how well she knows them. She loves magic and likes to learn new spells every chance she gets. She likes to take risks and is a bit of a dare devil. She speaks her mind even if it gets her into trouble. She fights for what is right. Overall, she is a very kind and gentle person.

Boggart: Clowns
Mirror of Erised: Qudittich Caption
Patronus: Cat
Amortentia: Chocolate

Additional information (anything else you want to add about your character): Annaleigh is not a complete girly girl. And she prefers it when people call her Leelee or Anna, but she doesn't mind Annaleigh. She gets decent grades in school and tries to act her best.
How you found the forum: Harry Potter wiki
Role-play example (at least 50 words). Role-play as your character in any situation you want.


Annaleigh wanderd about the castle trying to find the Great Hall. Yes, Annaleigh had missed the boats and a prefect had to figure out a solution on how to get her to the castle with the rest of her group. Once she found where she was supposed to go, she took off full speed and ran inside. Just in time for the ceremony to start. All the teachers looked at her and Annaleigh slouched down to draw less attention to herself.

With her head hung, she slowly walked up to where her classmates were. The first name was called and a little boy, who was rather short, walked up to the stool. The sorting hat was placed on his head and the hat began to speak, which startled the little first years. I guess they hadn't expected a talking hat. But then again, this was a school for witches and wizards. Annaleigh smiled to herself as she thought about the excitment she was going to have this year.

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Annaleigh Edwards
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