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Welcome to Hogwarts magic Realm. Please register, after that get sorted or get a job and enjoy your time in the magic world. Don’t forget that this is a post-potter forum that means you won’t be able to role play as any of the characters from the books, just use your imagination and create your own. We advice everyone to take a look at the rules and guides before starting their role playing experience. For any questions just pm the Staff Team

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 [Application] - Other Jobs

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Blake Ironbolt

Blake Ironbolt

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MesajSubiect: [Application] - Other Jobs   Joi Dec 08, 2011 4:18 am

Your Name: Blake Ironbolt

Your Character Age: 11

Jobs you are applying for: Honeydukes

Any experience in this field: I know Honeydukes fairly well.

Why you have chose this job: I chose this job because I REALLY want to work at Honeydukes.

How active you are on the forum?: Two hours a school day at the LEAST, around five or six being the most. On weekends, I'm on MUCH, much longer.

Why do you think you deserve this job?: I think I deserve this job because I love Honeydukes and would give anything to work for Honeydukes.

A High Quality RPG Example (any situation-minimum 300 words):

Blake scrambled frantically through Honeydukes, trying to help any costume he passed. It was a Hogsmeade day for the third years at Hogwarts, and the third years seemed to be scattered almost everywhere throughout the shop. "This isn't even close to as easy as I thought this would be." Blake thought, taking a glance in every single direction. Blake loved working at Honeydukes, but sometimes it got too crazy for his liking. Just barely hearing a third year say he wanted something random, Blake absentmindedly grabbed a handful of sweets out of a jar and handed them to the third year.

It seemed to Blake that the faster he moved around the store, the faster the customers payed for their candy and left. Blake was quickly running out of breath and energy, though - he was afraid that it would never end, that he'd be running around this store until he was an old man. No matter how many costumers left, more customers always came in. "It's an apocalypse." Blake told himself in his head.

Blake sprinted around the store without stopping, assisting customers if he needed to. The noise level in the chaotic shop started to decrease and the amount of customers inside the shop had begun to dwindle. Blake took note of this almost immediately and started running around the store even faster. The faster he helped the costumers get what they wanted, the faster the shop would empty and the sooner Blake would get to leave for the day.

Although some of the customers had left, the shop was still a miniature circus. People were still talking loudly, some even shouting. After what seemed like centuries, even more customers began to leave the shop, satisfied with what they had purchased. Blake was panting heavily. Knowing his legs would give in at any second, Blake collapsed into a chair once the last of the customers had left. "It's about time."

Thank you for Applying -Accepted
You were registered as a worker at Honeydukes. You can start your job by creating a thread at the shop. Don't forget to read the Students Rule Book to find out more about how to get your monthly salary. Thank you and enjoy your job.
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[Application] - Other Jobs
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