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 [Application] - Other Jobs/Editor in Chief

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Keith Parker

Keith Parker

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Activity: Gryffindor - Year I, Zonko's Joke Shop Worker

MesajSubiect: [Application] - Other Jobs/Editor in Chief   Joi Dec 08, 2011 3:04 am

Your Name: Keith Parker

Your Character Age: 11

Jobs you are applying for: Editor in Chief (but if I'm allowed to, I would like to work at Zonko's Joke Shop, otherwise I'll take Editor in Chief.)

Any experience in this field: Editor in Chief: I have blogging experience, very good punctuation and grammar. Zonko's Joke Shop: I've memorized just about every inch of the shop, so I know it pretty well. I'm great with people and kids who will browse around the shop, and I know how the items work.

Why you have chose this job: Editor in Chief: I am a great blogger, I enjoy blogging so it would be a fun job for me. Zonko's Joke Shop: Who doesn't love a joke shop? To work at Zonko's would be absolutely amazing. I know Zonko's very well.

How active you are on the forum?: Very active. I'm on for at least five or more hours a day, and on the weekends even longer.

Why do you think you deserve this job?: Editor in Chief: Blogging is a huge hobbie of mine, RPing is as well. I know how to punctuate right and I have great grammar. Zonko's Joke Shop: If anyone knows Zonko's, it's me. I know where to look for every item, I'm great with people so I can easily help them find an item they are looking for.

A High Quality RPG Example (any situation-minimum 300 words):

Editor in Chief:

Keith searched the editorial for any mistakes, he found a few grammar mistakes that could easily have been missed, but not by Keith. He could see the tiniest mistake is the biggest book ever published, which is how he easily got the job. He was quite known for noticing mistakes before they made it out of the room for others to see. Keith carefully examined the next paragraph, his eyes scanning over every single letter, comma, period, and apostrophe. He found a few more mistakes and quickly corrected them. Keith had always wanted everything to be perfect or close to perfect, if it wasn't, it would only bother him until he fixed it, another reason why this job was so perfect for him.

Zonko's Joke Shop:

Keith smiled as a customer walked in, he walked over and asked if they wanted to find any in particular. He helped them and turned back towards the front. Many more people walked in, and looked around. He saw the astonished looks on their faces and chuckled. Keith loved their surprised looks when they walked into the shop and saw all of the neat joke items that were just waiting to be used for laughs and giggles. A first year came up and asked about a case of Dungbombs. Keith laughed and showed him the prices, the first year nodded and handed the Galleons to him, he placed them into the register and watched as the first year ran out with the case of Dungbombs happily. He grabbed some of the new items that had arrived and began stacking them onto the shelves, smiling to himself.

Thank you for Applying -Accepted
You were registered as a worker at Zonko's Joke Shop. You can start your job by creating a thread at the shop. Don't forget to read the Students Rule Book to find out more about how to get your monthly salary. Thank you and enjoy your job.
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[Application] - Other Jobs/Editor in Chief
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