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 Jasmine Lior

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Jasmine Lior

Jasmine Lior

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MesajSubiect: Jasmine Lior    Mier Noi 30, 2011 10:02 pm


Character name: Jasmine Lior
Gender: Female
Birthday: September 21
Age (every new student is in first year, so your age should be 11): 11

Blood status (Pure-Blood, Muggle-born, Half-Blood): Half-Blood
Ethnicity/nationality: English
Place of birth/residence: Pevensey, East Sussex, England


Family background and description: Jasmine comes from a large family. Her mother, who is a Muggle has thirteen brothers and sisters who in turn have two or three kids each. Her father, who is a wizard, also has many siblings and nieces and nephews. Both sets of grandparents are alive. Jasmine also has an older brother and a much younger sister. Unfortunately, when Jasmine was nine her mother and father filed for divorce. Jasmine still lives in Pevensey, and her father now has a home in London.
Personal history: Jasmine was born in the small village of Pevensey. Since her father was a wizard, he kept them as far away from Muggles in order to protect his children from scorn. That was why their small cottage home was located further out of the main town than normal, surrounded by acres of field and trees. Since Jasmine’s mother and father needed to appease the Muggle schooling system, she and her younger sibling were homeschooled. It allowed them to be near magic and to see how it worked without fearing what the Muggles would think. In any event, it was all temporary until her letter came from Hogwarts – and it did a few months before her actual eleventh birthday.


Physical Appearance: Jasmine is average height for an eleven year old. Like her mother, she has long, black hair that is wavier than curly – a bit of a fringe hangs in her face. Her skin is rather fair, with a smattering of freckles that go across the bridge of her nose and cheeks. She has large grey that seem almost too big for her face – and make her seem almost innocent and childlike.
Personality: Jasmine is a bit of a tomboy and definitely loves running around in the field behind her house, exploring the forest and dragging him creatures that her mother finds detestable. Whenever she is able to calm down her wild, almost red head like personality, she loves reading books on History. While her mother is playing the part of teacher, Jasmine excels in all areas of history and english. One of her weaknesses, however, is anything math based. For some reason, she can’t quite grasp the formulas. One thing she can’t stand is cooking. Jasmine never picked up the knack of standing over a hot stove. She doesn’t have the patience nor the skill which in itself is a flaw.

Boggart: Werewolves
Mirror of Erised: Her mother and father back together.
Patronus: Eagle
Amortentia: Freshly baked cookies

Additional information (anything else you want to add about your character):
How you found the forum: Googling and it was by fortune only that I stumbled across this active and interesting forum!
Role-play example (at least 50 words). Role-play as your character in any situation you want.

Jasmine loved to look of the moon, how it hung in the night sky like a giant glowing rock. It illuminated everything, from the vegetable garden her mother doted on, to the edge of the forest on her property. Sometimes, if she sat long enough on her windowsill, she could track it until it disappeared from view. That, or till her mother came to tuck her into bed. Jasmine would never stay though. Her father would come in late and she’d rush down to see him. Her younger sister, Elizabeth, was always there first; jumping into his arms and laughing. Jasmine was jealous, but once Elizabeth was shooed off to bed it would leave she and her father alone.
“Daddy.” She would say and climb into his lap. He would smile, tell her about his night. It was never too interesting the things he told her about the Ministry. Still, she loved the way he spoke and the sound of his voice. It made her feel comfortable and safe. Soon, she’d start to drift off and he would carry her upstairs to her bedroom. Again, Jasmine would be tucked into her bed. Snug. It was a pattern she had come to love and expect. As the years went on, it was less and less frequent that her father would return before she dosed. Eventually, it stopped completely and she was left with only the memories of better times.

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Jasmine Lior
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