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 Abigail Vance

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MesajSubiect: Abigail Vance   Dum Noi 27, 2011 6:45 pm


Character name: Abigail Vance
Gender: Female
Birthday: 17/ 02
Age: 25

Blood status : Half-blood, muggle born mother, pure father
Ethnicity/nationality: British
Place of birth/residence: Born in Maidstone, currently resides in Hogsmeade

Education : Abigail was home schooled by her mother.
Former House : N/A
What job are you planning to get? : Candy Creator/Sales for Honeydukes


Family background and description : Abigail's mother was a muggle born witch who attended Hogwarts in the late 70s, Abigail does not know who her father is and does not ask her mother due to current mental instability.
Personal history : It's been 2 years since Abigail moved from Maidstone to London, seeking more about the world she knew she belonged to, she knew there was more that she could offer and rented a room in the Leaky Cauldron with the money she had saved. Having sought out a job, once she was able she left for the north to Hogsmeade, not just to be closer to Hogwarts but to be closer to her mother, who had always loved Honeydukes. Abigail also went to be right in the middle of it all, and to learn.


Physical Appearance : She is a rather petite woman, not rail thin but slim, she has a young face and dark eyes surrounded by long lashes. Long darker auburn hair parted off to the side usually twisted into a loose knot. Several tattoos color her arms and back, usually covered by tee-shirts and cardigans of various patterns and colors.
Personality : Abigail always found herself with an affinity for Potions and Charms, much to her mother's horror (Potions) and her delight (Charms). She has a darling personality, sweet and kind despite her tough outwards appearance, she's the kind of person to throw her heart into a cause whether it's work, or a belief, or even a project, that by itself is a strength and weakness all in one. She loves to create and learn always seeking new things to do, places to visit spells to learn, flavors to invent, anything to keep her busy. When she was young she was diagnosed with Acoustic Neuroma and has trouble hearing in her left ear, she is also prone to random bouts of dizziness. Can't say there is anything she hates, though she greatly dislikes snakes and the taste of boiled carrots.

Boggart : Her muggle doctor.
Mirror of Erised : An unknown male figure, her father.
Patronus : Horse
Amortentia : Salted caramel, freshly ground coffee and the ocean.

Additional information : Nothing as of yet
How you found the forum: The Harry Potter Wiki
Role-play example (at least 100 words). Role-play as your character in any situation you want. Snow had already begun to fall as Abigail walked through the gates of Hogsmeade, backpack snug over her shoulders and a duffel bag under an arm. Dressed in black jeans a colorful shirt beneath a thick wool jacket topped by a pale pink beanie she looked more like a Londoner than something planning to place her roots in such a small village. Nevertheless the woman tromped up the slight hill into Hogsmeade proper, into the Three Broomsticks for a hot Butterbeer and to arrange for a room for a while until she became situated and had the job she'd come up here for in the first place, to create candy for Honeydukes. With that done she settled into her room, freshened up and changed into a smarter suit, brushing out her hair and putting on her watch, and placing her wand in the inner jacket pocket before heading out again, intent on introducing herself to the owners of Honeydukes.

Thank you for Applying
Your application has been accepted and your character was registered as an adult. You can now apply for a Job, for instance become a professor. Don't forget to read the Adult Guide & the Adult Rules Book.
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Abigail Vance
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