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 Quinn Jordan

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Quinn Jordan

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MesajSubiect: Quinn Jordan   Mier Noi 23, 2011 3:56 pm

General Information
Name: Quinn Jordan
Gender: Female
Birthday: September 16
Age: 11
Blood Status: Half Blood
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place Of Residence: London, England
Family Backround: All of my mum's side are witches and wizards, except for a single distant uncle who lives in India and only eats papayas and skim milk. My dad's side are Muggles, although a few in his family are rumored to be Squibbs. My mum's name is Alexandria, and my dad's is Jim. I have three sisters who are four year old triplets, and an older brother named Peter who is eighteen and wants to study dragons. My sister's names are Sandra, Winnie, and Alicia.
Personal History: I had the typical childhood of an obviously magic baby; I destroyed furniture, levitated cats, and drove my parents mad. I made several trips to Diagon Alley with my mum, on one occasion my dad came along, which resulted in him fainting and two or three shops spontaneously combusting. At age seven, I went to India to visit my Uncle Cromer, the one who only eats papayas, and flew on an actual magic carpet. Also at age seven, I recieved a toy broomstick, and it was love at first sight. I wore the stick out in about two weeks, and immediately demanded another. And after that, it was pretty normal. And here I am.
Physical Appearance: I am about five foot two, I have pale skin and freckles, and I have shoulder length auburn hair. My eyes are a smoky blue, actually more like gray, and I am rather slim. I have pierced ears.
Personality: One of my better traits is that I sincerely do not care what other people think about me. Something I could work on is not being so lazy, or at least when it comes to chores. I love reading, playing Quidditch, and the color green. I hate spiders, bossy people, chores, and purple.
Boggart: A humongus spider with red eyes.
Mirror Of Erised: I would be a famous Quidditch player, and I would have millions of fans.
Patronus: A gray fox.
Amortentia: Fresh wood shavings.

Additional Information: I love to wear hats. I am extremely smart. I can write with both hands.
I found this by googling it.
Role Play Example: Quinn charged out onto the almost empty field, holding her broomstick tightly by her side. Almost in the middle, she climbed on and kicked off, rising above the grass, higher and higher. "Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!" she cried, for pure joy. She somersaulted around a few times, and then started focusing on the quaffle in my left hand. "C'mon." she whispered to herself,"You were born to be a Chaser." As she dodged an imaginary Keeper, and scored a couple of times, she realized it was true. She really was born to be a Chaser. Of course, it was silly to keep reminding herself that, but she felt like she needed it.
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Quinn Jordan
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