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 First Adress by new Minister for Magic

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Jeremy Rufford

Jeremy Rufford

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First Adress by new Minister for Magic Empty
MesajSubiect: First Adress by new Minister for Magic   First Adress by new Minister for Magic EmptyLun Noi 14, 2011 10:06 am

Jeremy was excited for his first address to the Wizengamot . This ancient council served as high court of wizarding world as well as wizarding Parliament. Thus Jeremy as Minister was head of Wizengamot ’s parliament part and needed their support for all decisions he and his departments are making. Last Minister ignored Wizengamot wishes and thus he was unable to pass many important decisions. For today Jeremy wore one of his best suits with robes. And he was still composing corrections to his speech on his way down by the elevator. He did not wrote speech for this today but he was already sure what eh will say. After all he mentioned half of things he needed to say in his memo. He saw the doors of Wizengamot council and he saw his assistant waiting for him. “Hello sir are you ready for this?” His assistant asked him. “Yes I am shall we enter.” Jeremy said as he opened the door and entered big dark room.

They were they sitting in a upward facing rows, like a true parliament. This room was different than courtroom where all Wizengamot have look over to the accused. In this case Jeremy, from his podium, could see all of them and he felt proud to be here. “Hello ladies and Gentleman, as you now I am Jeremy Rufford your new Minister for Magic. I have come here to correct mistakes of my predecessor, one of them being that he had little contact with you.” All of them listened to Jeremy with attention. “I assure you that I will not be like my predecessor and that your voice will be heard in this administration. One of the things I’d like to discuss here today is the bigger involvement of you in my day to day process. In order to do this I would like if you could reform your committees that have been used ages ago. This will help us bring decisions faster, since committees will have the opportunity to pass laws and regulations without Wizengamot approving it. Since Wizengamot is meeting only two times a month committees will have to meet every week and if law has full committee vote he is passed, if only one of the committee member do not vote law will have to pass Wizengamot, also Wizengamot retain the right to freeze law pending formal reading. Every committee will have no more than fifteen members. And the Wizengamot will have for the beginning five committees: one for Defense Against The Dark Arts, one for Internal Magic Affairs, one for Foreign Relations, one for Magical Sports and one for Muggle Relations. I would like now to hear your opinion of this.”

One of the Wizengamot members raised his hand stood up and said “I am sorry sir but this seems to me like you are taking away powers of Wizengamot and slowing down process of passing laws instead of speeding it up.” Jeremy took a second to come up with an answer and said “Of course I am not taking away power of Wizengamot , like I said it has the right of taking law back into the voting process, and if it fails committee it goes to the Wizengamot . And for slowing down process of voting you are wrong since every week we could pass many laws, of course in order for Wizengamot to freeze law it has to have proper majority in it to make that decision. Which brings me to the second change that I am thinking of making. I would like for you to choose your president form your ranks that will contact me directly and would lead the session and would have the right to call emergency session of Wizengamot , while I will retain the same right and loose the right to lead session which would allow me not to be present on every session. For those sessions president would inform me of the decisions made on the sessions.” Do you have some thoughts on this or we can start the voting process. None of the members opposed so we turned to voting. “All for the following changes in the Wizengamot raise their hand and say Aye”, Jeremy watched as some two thirds of the hands raised, “Good I am leaving good impression to them” Jeremy thought for himself. “All opposed raise your hands and say Nay”, some half of the remaining raised their hands, “All indifferent raise your hands”, rest raised their hands. After calculations has been made it was decided that the law was passed.

“I am glad that we have finished this, I will go now and leave you to your daily business.”Jeremy said while leaving the room. He was glad that this one passed and he hoped that members of the Wizengamot will choose wisely their leader and their committees.
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First Adress by new Minister for Magic
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