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Welcome to Hogwarts magic Realm. Please register, after that get sorted or get a job and enjoy your time in the magic world. Don’t forget that this is a post-potter forum that means you won’t be able to role play as any of the characters from the books, just use your imagination and create your own. We advice everyone to take a look at the rules and guides before starting their role playing experience. For any questions just pm the Staff Team

We are happy to have you with us,
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Jeremy Rufford

Jeremy Rufford

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Ministry Memo 1 Ministryofmagiclatinlog
Dear employees

I am you new Minister and from today we will impose some new rules and regulations. From now on every department is required to have at least one meeting per day and you must send me record of that meeting. Also wizengamot, as magical parliament, have to meet at least three times per month in full size, committees inside the wizengamot should meet once a week in order to decide on the current matters. Aurors will protect Ministry of Magic as well as Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Since my predecessor was mess we need to use our full strength in order to defend ourselves. Dark times are upon us and we need to be united in our quest.

Best regards Jeremy Rufford

Minister for Magic
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