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 Student Application - Richard Adlard

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Richard Adlard


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MesajSubiect: Student Application - Richard Adlard   Sam Noi 12, 2011 1:38 pm


Character name: Richard Adlard
Gender: Male
Birthday: 25th May
Age (every new student is in first year, so your age should be 11): 11

Blood status (Pure-Blood, Muggle-born, Half-Blood): Pure-Blood
Ethnicity/nationality: English
Place of birth/residence: Cambridge, England


Family background and description (Not too detailed but do not make it short):

Richard comes from an ancient pure-blood family. For generations, every member of it has been sorted into Slytherin, and they have been proud of that tradition. Richard's mother died from a disease a few years before he started attending Hogwarts. His father, Henry Adlard, is a stockbroker at Gringotts.

Personal history (what happened to your character until his current age, at least a paragraph about this, also this section requires to be constantly updated):

Richard spent his entire childhood in his family’s estate. After his mother died, his father quit his job so that he could take care of him. The following period was quite stressful for Richard, as his father made him practice and learn about magic very often so that he could be the best once he comes to Hogwarts. Therefore, being able to finally go leave his home was a considerable relief for him.


Physical Appearance (what your character looks like: this will help others visualize him or her while role-playing):

Richard is relatively tall, with short light brown hair and electric blue eyes.

Personality (strengths, weaknesses, traits, flaws, interests, what does he or she love? hate? write a bit about each)

In one way, Richard is a true Slytherin, being somewhat arrogant, not very respectful of the rules and quite cunning. He is vain, ambitious, attracted to power and cannot tolerate not being the best in anything. He can be considered to be brave, but always tends to think of the possible outcomes before acting, and doesn’t want go get in trouble when it is not necessary. However, even if he was raised in a Pure-Blood family, he doesn’t have prejudices against Muggles and muggle-borns, and despite all that, he can be quite charming and friendly once you get to know him.

Boggart (your character's greatest fear): His own dead body.
Mirror of Erised (your character's greatest wish): Immortality
Patronus (the form your character's Patronus takes): Snake
Amortentia (what the potion would smell like for your character, meaning what he or she finds most attractive):The smell of the ocean

Additional information (anything else you want to add about your character): None
How you found the forum: Harry Potter Wiki
Role-play example (at least 50 words). Role-play as your character in any situation you want.

Richard stopped in front of a wall in the Castle cellars. "Basilisk" he clearly said, and watched as the wall moved to reveal a narrow passage. He took it and walked to the center of the room, looking around him. The Slytherin Common Room was exactly as his father had described it. It was a low-ceilinged, dungeon-like place with greenish lamps and chairs, lots of low backed black and dark green leather sofas with buttons, skulls, and dark wood cupboards. Satisfied, he advanced to the dormitories, and discovered that his luggage was already there.

Coming back to the main area, he wondered where all the other Slytherins were. Suddenly, he heard footsteps coming from the passage. Turning towards the door, he eagerly waited to see who it was.
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Student Application - Richard Adlard
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