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 Tarik Terzic Adult App

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Tarik Terzic

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MesajSubiect: Tarik Terzic Adult App   Lun Oct 17, 2011 10:14 am


Character name: Tarik Terzic

Birthday: 30th December 2029

Age: 21

Blood status (Pure-Blood, Muggle-born, Half-Blood): Half-Blood
Ethnicity/nationality: Bosnian
Place of birth/residence: Sarajevo, Bosnia / London, England

Education (what school did you character go to): Hogwarts

Former House (if you went to Hogwarts): Gryffindor
What job are you planning to get?(please just type a “ - “ if you are not sure yet): Transfiguration and Charms Professor, Daily Prophet Editor


Family background and description (Not too detailed but do not make it short):
-Father: Mark Harris
--Father's Occupation: Wizarding Ambassador for UK
-Mother: Maida Terzic
--Mother's Occupation: Doctor-Surgeon
-Siblings: none

Personal history (what happened to your character until his current age, at least a paragraph about this, also this section requires to be constantly updated):

Tarik was always child torn between different worlds. First was when his parents met was soon after his father became ambassador of UK in the small county on the balkans called Bosnia and Herzegovina. Country that was terrorized with the dark wizard for four years. Mark became ambassador in early 2024. Since in the war muggles were fighting too there were lot of injuries. SO when Mark visited local hospital he met young and talented Surgeon called Maida. They met few times and he fell in love. In 2025 only a year from their meeting Mark and Maida got married. It was big wedding and two of them were really happy. On the first night of their life together Mark told Maida his secret, he was Wizard. Maida was scared but adventurist in her prevailed and she gave Mark a chance. They lived together in Bosnia for next 5 years.
In year 2029 two of them got their first and (until now) only child Tarik.Being born to one muggle and one wizard parent Tarik was lucky he received the wizarding gift from his father. In the first few years of his life he lived in Bosnia, than in Year 2031 Maida got offer of having her PhD done on the London School of Medicine. In the same year Mark mandate expired and they moved to London. So then Tarik became Londoner and for the next 9 years he lived in UK, went to school there. Of course both Maida and Mark tried their best to keep Tarik familiar with his roots. One in Bosnia and UK and one in Muggle and Wizarding world. Thus Tarik since he could perceive the complexness of his situation tried his best to learn everything about each of the worlds.
He began to explore magic more and more as soon as he could. He was scared but he never backed down, he knew this trait would do him good in Hogwarts. He was not always successful, once he tired to lift his mothers book from the table and ended up burning it, oh he does not want to remember the punishment he received that time. But since all beginnings are hard, he can be glad that he placed himself in it. In age of 6 he went to school. There being the only wizard in the class and being aware of it he got in many troubles in school. Mostly those were that he was teased he was mixture of races (they did not know about him begin a wizard) Tarik often took this too personal and he got in many fights. Some of them he solved in magic but these times are now behind him. He got his mind straight when he turned 10, he realized that he now is set to go to Hogwarts, thus he needs to be smart and not overreact to teasing. One thing that he will miss will be his friends (there were never many of them), but he hopes he can make new ones there.


Physical Appearance (what your character looks like: this will help others visualize him or her while role-playing):

Tarik is 6'2" high and has medium long Dark Brown hair, and Eye color of Yellow-Brown he is not that muscular, in fact he can be treated as little overweight for his years. He luckily does not have to wear glasses and he does not have visible face defections.

Personality (strengths, weaknesses, traits, flaws, interests, what does he or she love? hate? write a bit about each)

Tarik is really intelligent and he is good speaker and writer, he likes to study but he would rather spend day resting and playing wizard chess. Tarik is friendly and can go on talking with friends for hours.On the other hand Tarik is stubborn and he would argue with someone, no matter who it was, for hours until he proves his point, he would back down in the last possible moment and would not be happy about it.
Strengths: Tarik is quick on his feet and intelligent. He is solid chess player and good in cocking. Also he gains some skill in practicing magic especially in burning and levitating. He can wait to start his year in Hogwarts, and if there is anyone who would tease him for being halfblood or from the different country he cannot wait for showing them his strengths.
Weaknesses: Tarik is a bit lazy, he would rather spend day resting then studying, also he has short temper but he works on it. He was really bad in math in muggle world, thus he thinks he would be really bad in Arithmancy. Favourite Hogwarts Class: Defense Against the Dark Arts, TransfigurationLeast Favourite Hogwarts Class: Arithmancy, Divination

Boggart (your character's greatest fear):A dog
Mirror of Erised (your character's greatest wish): Being successful in life
Patronus (the form your character's Patronus takes): Lion

Amortentia (what the potion would smell like for your character, meaning what he or she finds most attractive): Fresh mint, freshly cut grass, old books

Additional information (anything else you want to add about your character): None
How you found the forum: A friend showed it to me.

Role-play example (at least 100 words). Role-play as your character in any situation you want.

Tarik sat on the top desk in the end of classroom. He was a young man with dark hair placed neatly on his head in the back, mob sort of way. He liked it that way. In his new professors robe, bought it recently on Diagon Alley, he wanted to look nice for his students, ready to teach young minds in the noble art of transfiguration. 

He knew that they will have hard time, after all transfiguration was one of the hardest magical arts. He had his books ready on the desk, he managed to read whole book for the first year students underling important things. He was fully prepared for his first lesson. He was nervous: what if he failed, what if students did not like him. He draw away this thoughts and focused on what will he do today. Since this was an introduction, he would show them the true potential of transfiguration. He thought of a perfect spell, that would turn smoke into dagger and stab them in the floor. He would create smoke with the muggle cigar on his desk. He enjoyed the occasional cigar, he liked the taste of them. 

He heard the door opening and saw first students coming in. He just stood there observing them watching as they sat down quietly on their seats and some of them started talking, some opened books, some observed them. After a few minutes his class was ready to start he was ready to be a true professor.

Thank you for Applying
Your application has been accepted and your character was registered as an adult. You can now apply for a Job, for instance become a professor. Don't forget to read the Adult Guide & the Adult Rules Book.
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Tarik Terzic Adult App
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