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 [Professors App] - Tarik Terzic

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Tarik Terzic
Tarik Terzic

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MesajSubiect: [Professors App] - Tarik Terzic   Vin Sept 02, 2011 4:16 am

Your Full Name: Tarik Terzic

Year when you graduated Hogwarts: 2007

Subject you are applying for: Transfiguration

Why do you want to become a professor?: Because I want to teach others

Why you have chosen this subject? I had excellent in NEWT, plus I am very skillful in it

Have you applied for any professions yet? NO

Will you be able to post 2 lessons /month? Yes

Do you have any previous experience in this field?: Worked couple of jobs

Role Playing Example(minimum 350 words ;situation=teaching your first class)

Tarik sat on the top desk in the end of classroom. He was a young man with dark hair placed neatly on his head in the back, mob sort of way. He liked it that way. In his new professors robe, bought it recently on Diagon Alley, he wanted to look nice for his students, ready to teach young minds in the noble art of transfiguration.

He knew that they will have hard time, after all transfiguration was one of the hardest magical arts. He had his books ready on the desk, he managed to read whole book for the first year students underling important things. He was fully prepared for his first lesson. He was nervous: what if he failed, what if students did not like him. He draw away this thoughts and focused on what will he do today. Since this was an introduction, he would show them the true potential of transfiguration. He thought of a perfect spell, that would turn smoke into dagger and stab them in the floor. He would create smoke with the muggle cigar on his desk. He enjoyed the occasional cigar, he liked the taste of them.

He heard the door opening and saw first students coming in. He just stood there observing them watching as they sat down quietly on their seats and some of them started talking, some opened books, some observed them. After a few minutes his class was ready to start he was ready to be a true professor.

"Welcome everybody, welcome to the transfiguration I am glad to see you today. My name is Tarik Terzic" he said that as he was writing it to the board "and I will do my best to teach you transfiguration". "Incendio" he thought in his mind lighting the fire on a candle. "Now look what transfiguration is all about." He said as he took the candle and lit the cigar in his mouth. He breathed in smoke and exhaled it he waved the hand at the smoke and in a split second he turned it into daggers. "Wingardium Leviosa" he thought in his hand and daggers stated to float, he waved his wand towards the ground and they were stabbed there. "Look on this, If you listen carefully to me and work hard you will be able to do this and many other things". "Now take out your books and write the following …..

©2011 Hogwarts Magic Realm –Do Not Copy

Thank you for Applying

Your application has been accepted. You are the new Transfiguration Professor. A private message was sent to you with all the details. Welcome to Hogwarts.
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[Professors App] - Tarik Terzic
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