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Welcome to Hogwarts magic Realm. Please register, after that get sorted or get a job and enjoy your time in the magic world. Don’t forget that this is a post-potter forum that means you won’t be able to role play as any of the characters from the books, just use your imagination and create your own. We advice everyone to take a look at the rules and guides before starting their role playing experience. For any questions just pm the Staff Team

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 Competition format

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MesajSubiect: Competition format   Sam Aug 13, 2011 1:52 am

Duelling matches and tournaments

There are several different types of Duelling Club matches and tournaments. To be a part of any duel or tournament, you first have to be a member of the Duelling Club, so please register if you already haven't.

Friendly duels

You can decide to have a friendly duel with someone. The purpose here is only to have fun, test your knowledge and challenge your friends, as you will not get any points or money in case of victory. For a friendly duel, all you have to do is to contact a Duelling Moderator, and agree on the time of the duel so that he/she can moderate it.


There are two different competitions organized by the Duelling Club

* The Duelling League is a league held all-term long, opposing all the duelling club members between themselves, in a way that at the end, every member would have played with every other member twice. A Duelling Club Match consists of two duels, which means that the result of a match can be 2:0 for one of the members or 1:1. The winner of a match receives three points (duelling club points and not House points), whereas the loser doesn't get any. If there is a draw, each player receives one point. At the end of the league, the player who has the biggest number of points is proclaimed Duelling Club Champion, and receives 100 galleons, along with 100 House points. The runner-up earns 50 galleons and 50 House points, and the third 25 galleons and 25 House points.

* The Duelling Cup is a cup held all-term long, opposing all the duelling club members, but this time in a Knockout tournament. In every round of the Cup, there will be two legs, which means that two matches are played between the two players. one home and one away. A Duelling Club Match consists of two duels, which means that the result of a match can be 2:0 for one of the members or 1:1. After the two legs, the aggregate score determines the winner. If it is tied, we proceed to a penalty shootout (each player is asked five questions and the winner is the one who has the most correct answers). However, this does not apply for the Finale, in which only one match is played (if it is tied, we also have a penalty shoot-out). This is a knockout tournament, which means that if you lose a match, you are eliminated from the cup, whereas your opponent proceeds to the next-round. The Cup winner receives 60 galleons and House points and the finalist 30 galleons and House points.

The friendly duels are ready to start. The Duelling League and Cup are also starting very soon. So please, if you want to participate in any of the competitions, please first register for the Duelling Club and then for the Duelling League or the Duelling Cup.
For now, we do not organize team duels. However, when we get more Duelling Club members, there will probably also be House matches and even a House Cup.
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Competition format
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