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Welcome to Hogwarts magic Realm. Please register, after that get sorted or get a job and enjoy your time in the magic world. Don’t forget that this is a post-potter forum that means you won’t be able to role play as any of the characters from the books, just use your imagination and create your own. We advice everyone to take a look at the rules and guides before starting their role playing experience. For any questions just pm the Staff Team

We are happy to have you with us,
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 [Guide]Role Playing Guide

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MesajSubiect: [Guide]Role Playing Guide   [Guide]Role Playing Guide EmptySam Iul 16, 2011 3:42 am

Role Playing Guide

If you're just starting off and you're unsure as to how to roleplay, don't be afraid to ask some of your fellow players for advice and/or tips. I'm sure that most, if not all, would be willing to take some time out to help someone in need.

Good roleplayers are made, not born. Just because someone else might be better than you at roleplaying, it doesn't mean you can't do the same thing. With time and effort becoming a veteran roleplayer is quite an easy task.

Don't be intimidated by your fellow roleplayers. Watch and learn from them. They can often teach you more than you'd be able to learn if you were alone.

Never give up. While in some cases there might not seem to be solutions, facing defeat is something you'll deal with sooner or later. It's how you deal with that which is important. You always have the option to make a new character, join a new thread, a new faction and/or learn from the mistakes you've made in the past.

One of the most important pieces of all, is to remember it is an RP. You are there to have fun and to interact with other characters and players. Don't take things too seriously and remember to always enjoy yourself.

Feel free to ask questions, give suggestions, agree, disagree, whatever on the information provided in this guide.

The dictionary definition of roleplay is "to assume or act out a particular role." Roleplay is, basically, assuming the form of a character, and writing as that character, in a certain setting. It's writing, but more/less structured, depending on how you look at it. When you set to write a story, you must write the setting, the plot, the characters, everything. When you roleplay, the setting and main plot has already been decided, as well as every character but your own. You have control over only half of the story, your own side. The other half is up to the other players. This strengthens interaction skills.

Roleplaying, in essence, is assuming the role of another entity. You write that entity's actions, thoughts, and words, in response to other people's entities. It's sort of like a play, except not quite so live-action and not nearly so rehearsed. Roleplaying is less of a story and more of a dialogue (though not limited to two) with actions incorporated. Plots can tie everything together, or you can let things happen as they will, but one thing is certain--anything is possible, because you are in charge.


There are many different labels for people at different skill levels, they aren’t really meant to put them down but they generally distinguish different kind of roleplayers so that people with higher standards can get more out of what they want to roleplay.

Illiterate: Usually beginners, illiterates are known to use very generic list descriptions like such—

Name: mister so and so
Gender: male
Eyes: Green
Clothes: jeans and a green day shirt

There are usually no depth or substance to these characters and the remainder of the roleplay is played out in one-liners. Usually illiterates have no regards for capitalization or ooc or grammar or spelling or basic roleplaying rules.

Semi-literate: Usually have longer and more descriptive lists that really get into the character, sometimes a semi-literate might type out a paragraph or two about their character but it’s usually not very intriguing or well written information about their character. Grammar is more sharpened.

Literate: Longer introductions and posts that have depth and description and are more like writing than basic information. Literates create more relatable and in-depth characters that a reader is interested in reading about, not just interacting with. The writing is more developed and the grammar is intact.

Advanced: This is when someone writes a long, interesting, in-depth, creative introduction. The grammar is nearly perfect and the writing is well thought out and descriptive. The quality of the writing is just more developed.

There are different terms known to roleplayers, these are some of the more common ones:

BIC: back in character, or in character. When the writer is writing in his or her persona, and interacting with other characters.

OOC: out of character, when you are talking to other players as yourself not your character.

Mary / Gary Sue: perfect characters. These are generally not permitted because it’s boring and doesn’t make for an interesting roleplay. Flaws and personalities are what make a better roleplaying and Mary / Gary’s are more common in illiterate and semi literate roleplays.

Powerplay: controlling someone else’s character. This is not permitted—you are only allowed to control the actions of your own character

Godmode: creating unrealistic situations, or characters that can do anything. Example: a character that is a lightening fast super intelligent elf that can defeat anyone in combat.

Despie: an illiterate that is desperate for romance.

Slash: romantic relationships in a fanfictional roleplay between to already made characters that is not of norm. I.E. dracoxharry

MxM or FxF: homosexual relationship between two characters

MxF: heterosexual relationship between two characters

Prommie: A well known roleplayer that has earned the respect of the other roleplayers by their example of literacy.

N00b: Someone who is considered illiterate and generally new to Roleplaying without a mentor.

Newbie: Someone who is new to roleplaying, but is well on their way to becoming literate but still needs practice. They are often found in semi- literate roleplays.


These change from board to board, depending on what the creator of the board wishes to institute into his or her roleplay, but these are the standard rules.

1. Spell check—no one wants to read your typos, it puts them off. Typos are fine, of course, but make an effort to spell check your posts.
2. This is related but, no chatspeak in IC. Everyone hates it. You can’t read it. Please don’t do if the creator of the board doesn’t want you too.
3. Post length—quality over quantity obviously, but you should describe your character at length so people get a feeling of who your character is. Not only current appearance but things like personality, history, flaws, the stuff that makes a human interesting.
4. Use proper grammar in IC—that means capitalization, quotation marks, etc.
5. Make your best effort to write intriguing and interesting posts—everyone gets better at writing and roleplaying and until then ask questions so you can learn.
6. Please be original, not only does it get boring to see the same characters over and over again, but there are so many of the same genre RP circling around. If you see an RP of a genre you like, don't start a thread with the same thing, join the original one. Also, try to be ecclectic with what you RP, make up some new ideas about what to roleplay. TRY NOT TO BE REDUNDANT IN THE THREADS THAT ALREADY HAVE BEEN POSTED.


1. Don't use '*', you should use formal writing to a certain extent while roleplaying.
2. Structure the sentences so they all flow together
3. Do not use words repeatedly. For example: He got up and got dressed. He walked into the washroom. He picked up a brush and he brushed his teeth. He walked into his room once again. He pushed open his door. He left his house. See? it gets annoying. 4. Make sure you have more than just a sentence. A truely gifted roleplayer can stretch one sentance into atleast three paragraphs.
5. Pay attention and read about what is going on around you. Try and effectively jump into situations where you would otherwise be left out of the general flow. Not that that is a bad thing alot of people enjoy just roleplaying on their own. Doing thier own nuts.


All thread authors are considered to be the initial Games Masters (GMs) of their scenarios. They should make an effort to include, at a minimum, a story, and rules in the first post or first few posts of the thread. They usually set the scene, guide players during its course and make decisions as to the outcome of the game. These authors may relinquish their right to the thread and game therein if they appoint another person to act as the GM of their RP/thread, or if the initial GM is away for an extended period at which time a new GM is appointed by group consensus and sanctioned by the Forum Moderator(s).

Post length is an important part of roleplaying. A short post can make for a difficult reply, as can a twenty paragraph reply. The key thing, really, is to write comfortably. Writing posts eighteen paragraphs of rambling sure is fun when you've got a lot to say, but it can be tiring for the other person to read and it can be hell on your imagination after a while. After all, there's only so much you can say before you get burned out and need to take a hiatus to recuperate your poor muse. If you feel like rambling, by all means, go for it. Just remember, there's going to be someone on the other side reading that post. Is it an interesting post, or are you just blathering on and repeating details? Part of being a good writer is being varied and interesting no matter what you're talking about. Monotomy is killer on a reader.

If you really feel you need to say more, here are some tips [to lengthen your post]:
-Describe the scenery. Description of the surroundings can provide a hefty paragraph and is good filler material if you're strapped for something to say.
-Describe how your character is feeling and why. Are they morose for a particular reason? Are they happy for some reason? Elaborate on this and you may find you have to cut yourself short.
-More detail. Detail is key. If your character said something, describe their tone of voice, facial expression, or body language.


To be polite, if you plan on going over PG-13 you should add something along the lines of 'rated R' or 'mature content' in your post. However, sex scene is NOT allowed. You never know who might just stumbled upon or reading your roleplay. What would your parents (or other's parents) say if they found out? If you are planning a sex scene for plot's sake, just a light hint would do (e.g. ...and they made love to each other.).

The entire text is not property of the HMR Staff and can be reused on any forum - Original Link :Click

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[Guide]Role Playing Guide
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