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 Apply for Ravenclaw Quitdditch Team

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Robi Seah
Robi Seah

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Joined : 08/02/2011

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MesajSubiect: Apply for Ravenclaw Quitdditch Team   Mier Apr 13, 2011 3:44 am

Register in your House Quidditch Team

Play| Have Fun | Earn Points | Become Famous

Quidditch Games are ready to begin .They are definitely a great way to test your role playing skills , have fun and the most important thing earn points for your house .If you are new on the forum or you didn’t have time to read the guide ,we please you to take a look at the Quidditch Guide Book .They can offer you some valuable information about this game and how to play it .Is a must to read it before you apply for a role in the team.

!The Game will begin just after all the 4 houses will have their team done!

Ravenclaw Team
Please read carefully the next lines as they present the available roles in this team
Total Player=7 (seven)

Captain- To Be Added

-To be Added-
-To be Added-
-To be Added-

-To be Added-
-To be Added-

Keeper (0/1)
-To be Added-

Seeker (1/1)
James Riddle

All the 4 roles are the same as in the books(nothing was changed) .If you have no idea what each of them is doing you can find some useful information right here:
●Chasers progress up and down the pitch passing the Quaffle by hand amongst themselves while keeping it away from the other team, in an attempt to score goals by throwing it through one of their opponent's three goal hoops
●Beaters are armed with wooden clubs that are similar to, but shorter than, baseball bats. They are tasked with protecting their team-mates from the Bludgers by knocking these balls off course or towards opponents
●Keeper will protect the three goal hoops, in much the same way as a goalkeeper in football (soccer).
●Seeker , usually the lightest member of the team and equipped with the fastest broom, is charged with searching the pitch for, chasing down and eventually capturing, the elusive Golden Snitch. Seekers are the only players permitted to touch the Snitch.
You can apply for all this positions except the Captain one .The only thing you will have to do is to answer with “Yes” to the question in your form .A captain will be chosen just after the Ravenclaw Quidditch Team has all the available positions taken .So convince your house-friends to register . A new captain will be chosen after every 5 matches .


Please do not create a new thread Just reply in this topic using the next application form .Please be very careful because we will select the members based on their rpg skills too, so try your best.


[i]Character Full Name:[/i]
[i]Position in the Team :[/i]
[i]Why you chose that role?:[/i]
[i]Do you want to be added on the application list as a Captain too?[/i]
[i]RPG Test(Minimum 300 words / Situation: Role playing your role in the team):[/i]
*Applying as a captain doesn’t include anything different than completing this form .It will be chosen based on how good you answered at the RPG Test

Thank you for Applying.
Ravenclaw Needs you


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MesajSubiect: Re: Apply for Ravenclaw Quitdditch Team   Mar Apr 19, 2011 10:47 pm

Character Full Name: : Harrison Grant
Age: : 11
Position in the Team : : Seeker
Why you chose that role?: : It's exciting!
Do you want to be added on the application list as a Captain too? : Why not?
RPG Test(Minimum 700 words / Situation: Role playing your role in the team): :
Harrison Grant and the rest of the Ravenclaw Quidditch Team were getting ready for their matchup against Slytherin. Harrison has never played Quidditch due to being raised in the Muggle world. He was excited. Finally, he got out to the field with the rest of the team,hearing cheers from the Ravenclaws,Hufflepuffs and Gryffindors and jeers from the Slytherin part of the arena, and mounted his broom. He had never felt such a surge of energy. He could not really control his broom though. He grasped his broom as hard as he could. He began to look for The Golden Snitch. He saw his teammate hit a Quaffle in the goal hoop... Yes!! It was 10-0!! He narrowly dodged a Bludger and saw a Golden Flash of light. He saw Slytherin score 3 times,and his team 5 times. It was 60-30.
He saw another Flash of light,and saw the opposing Seeker attempting to grab hold of the Golden Snitch. The opposing Seeker was about to grasp it.... BAM! The Slytherin Seeker was hit with a Bludger. He saw the Golden Flash of light again,far away this time. Slytherin had taken the lead 140-100. He was not paying attention to the score this time. He was chasing the Golden Snitch.... A Bludger had missed but had hit one of his team's Chasers,and Slytherin scored once again!! He almost had the Snitch...... then a Bludger was heading straight at him!!! He dodged it and looked for the Snitch once more. He knew he had it. He could feel it!! He grasped the Snitch!!! Cheers roared from the Ravenclaws,Gryffindors,and Hufflepuffs in in the stands. The final score was 210-290 He was exhausted,but he had won the game!!!! He landed on the ground,still grasping the Snitch,while the rest of the team landed as well. He knew he loved Quidditch.The injured Chaser was very bloody. His teammate took the injured one to the hospital wing, He felt guilty,but the Ravenclaw's surrounded him and chanted his name. He saw Slytherin walk to the castle,but the rest of the houses staying out for a little. After they all got to the castles,there was a party in the Ravenclaw common room,lasting until midnight until they were told to stop.

You have not been approved mostly because you have been inactive and we cannot trust that you will be back.
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James Riddle
James Riddle

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Joined : 10/03/2011

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Activity: Banned

MesajSubiect: Re: Apply for Ravenclaw Quitdditch Team   Vin Aug 12, 2011 1:16 pm

Character Full Name: James Riddle
Age: 11
Position in the Team : Seeker
Why you chose that role?: I'm fast and good at seeking.
Do you want to be added on the application list as a Captain too? No
RPG Test (Minimum 400 words / Situation: Role playing your role in the team):

James was only half listening to his captain’s pep talk, anxiously waiting for his first match. He was very proud of making the team, especially considering that he had just learned to fly a few months ago. However, he was also terrorized at the thought of everything that could happen in the next few hours. What if I fall from my broom in front of the whole school and they all make fun of me? he thought while trying to breath deeply and relax. Or what if …? But before he could imagine any other horrific scenario, he saw his teammates get up and head to the door leading to the pitch. As he entered the field, firmly holding his broom, the continuous roar of the crowd and the hundreds of eyes turned towards him only contributed to his already overwhelming panic. He glanced at the Ravenclaw fans, trying not to think about their disappointment if he doesn’t catch the Snitch. And to crown it all, it was raining.

However, as soon as he kicked off from the ground, he felt greatly relieved. He went straight up, feeling the wind and the rain against his face, to a height from which he could see the entire pitch, hoping to catch a glimpse of the Snitch. After witnessing Gryffindor score the first goal of the game, he noticed their Seeker swiftly flying around the field. He was very fast and light on his broom, performing incredible maneuvers as if there was nothing easier. James’ felt his brief contentment turn into despair. I’ll never catch the Snitch before him. Suddenly, he saw it, hovering under his team’s goal posts. He immediately glanced at the other Seeker, who apparently didn’t notice anything. Paralyzed, James didn’t dare to rush towards the small golden ball, fearing that his opponent would follow and get there before him. Then, he got an idea. He didn’t know if it would work, but he was certain that he couldn’t win simply by relying on his flying skills. Searching in his pockets, he took a Galleon, and when he made sure that everybody was looking elsewhere, he threw it as far as he could in the direction of Gryffindor’s goal posts, so that it would be in the line of sight of their Seeker. As James had hoped, his opponent immediately dashed in that way, mistaking the golden coin for the Snitch, unable to see clearly because of the rain. Taking advantage of the situation, James charged. At ten meters from his goal, he risked a look behind, and saw his rival bolting in his direction, apparently aware that he had followed a false lead. But James was already too close, and after a hopeless attempt by his opponent to grab the tail of his broom, he felt his fingers grasp the tiny ball. It was over.

Suddenly aware of all the sounds surrounding him, James heard the exclamations of joy coming from the Ravenclaws and the speaker announcing the victory of his team. He landed slowly on the ground, watching his teammates fly towards him, with a big smile on their face. Although he wasn’t very proud of the way he secured victory for his team, he couldn’t feel more delighted. He did it, and that was all that counted.

You have been approved as seeker of Ravenclaw team. Approved by Tarik Terzic
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McKayla Cooper

McKayla Cooper

Posts : 15
Joined : 22/11/2011

My Character
Galleons: 150
Activity: Ravenclaw - Year I

MesajSubiect: Re: Apply for Ravenclaw Quitdditch Team   Mar Noi 22, 2011 6:07 am

Character Full Name: McKayla Cooper
Age: 11
Position in the Team : Keeper
Why you chose that role?: Because im fast and I think I could do a good job at blocking all 3 hoops:-)
Do you want to be added on the application list as a Captain too? No
RPG Test(Minimum 300 words / Situation: Role playing your role in the team):

As Mckayla gets ready for quitdditch, she get help but get nervous, this was her first time playing quitdditch. Today they were playing against Griffindor! As Mckayla made her way out towards the field with her other team mates she started thinking...what if I cant do this? What if I disappoint my team? she tried to block out all thoughts from her head as she knew she had to concintrat on quitdditch. As she kicks up off the ground on her broom she makes her way in her position by the hoops. As the games starts, she waits and watches as the team members fight to get the ball

A member from the Griffindor team comes at her with the ball and throws it into the side hoop, Mckayla doesnt catch in time giving Griffindor their first points and the lead. Mckayla hears cheering and some booing coming from the crowd. "The next time I will get it for sure!" she thought to herself, atleast she was hoping next time she would block it. Evenually another one came at her and this time she was able to block it. During the rest of the game she had acouple of misses and blocks.

It was nearing the end of the game, the score was 50-70, we were ahead. As she looked around watching her team players, she noticed one of her team players and a griffindor chasing after the golden snitch trying to push eachother away. She knew she had to stay focused on the game but hoped her team player would be the one to grab the golden snitch. Just as she turned back around she saw another griffindor coming at her, he trhow the ball towards the side hoop and she was puick enough to block it. Then all the sudden she heard the crowd cheering, the young boy from her team had caught the golden snitvh, they had won!


Your application has been approved. From now on, you are the Keeper of Ravenclaw's Quidditch Team. Congratulations.
Approved by: Ambrosius Umbranox

You have been temporarily excluded from the Team due to inactivity. You will be reintegrated when you become active again.
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MesajSubiect: Re: Apply for Ravenclaw Quitdditch Team   

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Apply for Ravenclaw Quitdditch Team
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