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Welcome to Hogwarts magic Realm. Please register, after that get sorted or get a job and enjoy your time in the magic world. Don’t forget that this is a post-potter forum that means you won’t be able to role play as any of the characters from the books, just use your imagination and create your own. We advice everyone to take a look at the rules and guides before starting their role playing experience. For any questions just pm the Staff Team

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 Apply for Slytherin Quitdditch Team

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Robi Seah
Robi Seah

Posts : 99
Joined : 08/02/2011

My Character
Galleons: 100
Activity: Deputy Headmaster,Herbology Professor

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MesajSubiect: Apply for Slytherin Quitdditch Team   Apply for Slytherin Quitdditch Team EmptyMier Apr 13, 2011 3:41 am

Register in your House Quidditch Team

Play| Have Fun | Earn Points | Become Famous

Quidditch Games are ready to begin .They are definitely a great way to test your role playing skills , have fun and the most important thing earn points for your house .If you are new on the forum or you didn’t have time to read the guide ,we please you to take a look at the Quidditch Guide Book .They can offer you some valuable information about this game and how to play it .Is a must to read it before you apply for a role in the team.

!The Game will begin just after all the 4 houses will have their team done!

Slytherin Team
Please read carefully the next lines as they present the available roles in this team
Total Player=7 (seven)

Captain- To Be Added

Richard Adlard
-To be Added-
-To be Added-

-To be Added-
-To be Added-

Keeper (0/1)
-To be Added-

Seeker (1/1)
Kim Frey

All the 4 roles are the same as in the books(nothing was changed) .If you have no idea what each of them is doing you can find some useful information right here:
●Chasers progress up and down the pitch passing the Quaffle by hand amongst themselves while keeping it away from the other team, in an attempt to score goals by throwing it through one of their opponent's three goal hoops
●Beaters are armed with wooden clubs that are similar to, but shorter than, baseball bats. They are tasked with protecting their team-mates from the Bludgers by knocking these balls off course or towards opponents
●Keeper will protect the three goal hoops, in much the same way as a goalkeeper in football (soccer).
●Seeker , usually the lightest member of the team and equipped with the fastest broom, is charged with searching the pitch for, chasing down and eventually capturing, the elusive Golden Snitch. Seekers are the only players permitted to touch the Snitch.
You can apply for all this positions except the Captain one .The only thing you will have to do is to answer with “Yes” to the question in your form .A captain will be chosen just after the Slytherin Quidditch Team has all the available positions taken .So convince your house-friends to register . A new captain will be chosen after every 5 matches .


Please do not create a new thread Just reply in this topic using the next application form .Please be very careful because we will select the members based on their rpg skills too ,so try your best.


[i]Character Full Name:[/i]
[i]Position in the Team :[/i]
[i]Why you chose that role?:[/i]
[i]Do you want to be added on the application list as a Captain too?[/i]
[i]RPG Test(Minimum 300 words / Situation: Role playing your role in the team):[/i]
*Applying as a captain doesn’t include anything different than completing this form .It will be chosen based on how good you answered at the RPG Test

Thank you for Applying.
Slytherin Needs you

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Kim Frey

Kim Frey

Posts : 151
Joined : 02/08/2011

My Character
Galleons: 205
Activity: Slytherin - Year I, Radio Worker, Three Broomsticks Innkeeper

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MesajSubiect: Re: Apply for Slytherin Quitdditch Team   Apply for Slytherin Quitdditch Team EmptyJoi Aug 04, 2011 2:45 am

[i]Character Full Name: Kim Frey
[i]Age: 16
[i]Position in the Team : Seeker
[i]Why you chose that role?: That's where I am good at, seeking
[i]Do you want to be added on the application list as a Captain too? some other time
[i]RPG Test(Minimum 400 words / Situation: Role playing your role in the team):

I was so excited with my first game--FIRST GAME, and I'm the Seeker which makes my heart pound harder.
I looked at my teammates. Looking at their faces, especially my fellow freshies, I can't exactly tell if they're excited or nervous or scared, or just plain tensed. But of course, the seniors are just fooling around, like they would be playing a very easy game. Well, I can't blame them. They have been through this for years now.
The ticking of the clock and the beating of my heart drowned all the other noises around me. I can't hear them, nor feel anyone with me. I feel my blood pulsing up to my head. I'm scared to death. I feel the pressure being one of the youngest Seeker that they have ever appointed.

Then I heard faint shouts, which grew louder and louder, eventually mixed with applauses. I hear people cheering their Houses...shouting names of their players...cheering for them...supporting them. That's when I heard my name.

The moment I heard my name, enthusiasm enveloped me. I started feeling better, knowing that these people is here for me, for us and that they expect from me, anything. If not a lot, then they expect something from me.
The big doors opened and I took a deep, deep breath. I held up in front of me my shaking right hand, and my broom stick moved like it followed an order from my hand.

Our professor's lessons on flying, and then, the lessons I learned during our practice are what I have in my mind to avoid accidents, injuries, or worse--shame. I can't just let my dignity go with the air in my first game--NO, NOT my first game. This has to be the best. So I kept thinking on what to do while on the broomstick, while flying. Finally, my nervousness left me and all I could feel was my power, if I had one. I flew around and around, avoiding the quaffle, bludger, and a little thing caught my eye that I tried to avoid. I didn't know they have added a new flying thing here in Quidditch. It wasn't even mentioned in our practice...wait.
Is that a chicken flying?

Hell, yeah. Somebody threw a chicken on me. Then I tried to look where it came from and I saw a fat boy with his fist punching in the air or sometimes, his fingers would point at me, with evil eyes on me, and shouting unprintable words to me. I sighed. Alright, I get it. Being the Seeker, many would love you and adore you. At the same time, many would hate you for being the One. Oh, well, I can't blame them. It's just hard not to be awesome. It's not my fault that I'm good enough to be The Seeker.

Okay, so back to the game. I still don't see the Golden Snitch. Then I saw the seeker of the other team roaming around too. It seems like he's not as interested to be the seeker as the chicken-throwing boy was. Maybe it would be a better game if he really would be my opponent. I would gladly kick his body off of his broomstick, which I doubt would be able to carry him this high, and watch his body bounce off the ground...with matching evil laugh!

Then a buzz-like sound interrupted my evil plan. As I was about to look to my right, it already went on my face and finally, the snitch showed it self to me.

I saw the other seeker flying towards me, so I moved to the left as to not to hit him, the snitch moved to the right, for me not to catch it. Well, somehow they have equipped this thing with something that would make it think wise.

So then I tried to run, I mean, FLY to where the snitch is, and it flew away from me. Forgetting about my opponent, he hit me in my arm, and I humped a little to the left. We were like this for a moment, before realizing that the snitch is no longer in front of us. We looked around and found it behind us. Imagine a bully, your most favorite thing in his hands, juggling it, then making a run when you started going for it. That's what the snitch looks like, except that typical bullies were fat, so they can't run really fast.

The snitch went almost every where. From the posts, to the top of the audience, around and around, 'till I start to feel nauseated. I was starting to feel dizzy that my broomstick moved wobbly. I tried to look at my opponent. I can't see him clearly, but it was clear to me that he was feeling the same way to. uhm, no, scratch that. I can see that he is worse. He was paler and was starting to...nevermind. You know what happens when someone is nauseated, right? So, yeah, it happened to him, several feet from the ground. It was like watching "colored" rains fall, and the people watching, instead of feeling blessed, feel like doing it too. Then I tried to imagine how it would be all of these people doing that same thing. I just can't.

I think that was my chance and I had to grab it. I saw that twinkling, little ball again, very faintly and flew after it. It was down below now. It was not as fast as it was a while ago, so I think it would be easier(although I could smell my opponent's "blessings"). I tried to fly faster, and reached out my hand. I can now feel the victory in my hands. I stared at the snitch while reaching out my hand, and suddenly, I saw two. I was still feeling dizzy. I blinked a thousand times to adjust my eyesight, and then I was out of my balance.
I was reaching my hand to far that I lost control of my broom. I panicked. The only think that I could think of was the snitch, inches away from my hands.

So I tried to jump off my broom, hands reached out. The next thing I felt was my arms scratching the ground, like my arms needed to be scrubbed, or well, actually worse than that. Like someone grated my arms. I could hear my heart again, like it's making its way out of my chest.

But then the sound was immediately replaced by the cheers and HOORAYs by the audience. Then my friends went to me, their nose covered (which reminded me to do the same), and tried to lift me up. At first I couldn't hear what they were saying, then a second after it became clear. CONGRATULATIONS! and blah blah blah. I don't understand the others anymore. What i really heard was congratulations, which actually means that we won the match and i got the snitch! Oh yeah, I almost forgot the Golden snitch. I then felt it cold in my hands. I opened my hands and saw the snitch there, with its little fluffy wings, suffocating in my hands if it were breathing, and good thing it doesn't. I ACTUALLY WON. And I felt relief overwhelm my body. Tiredness started going in me. The cuts in my arms cutting deeper.

But all of it was worth it, knowing what I did and knowing what was there in my hands, which was the most magical thing I have ever seen.. yet.

You are approved as a seeker. Approved by: Tarik Terzic
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Richard Adlard

Richard Adlard

Posts : 155
Joined : 14/10/2011

My Character
Galleons: 61
Activity: Slytherin - Year I

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MesajSubiect: Re: Apply for Slytherin Quitdditch Team   Apply for Slytherin Quitdditch Team EmptyJoi Oct 20, 2011 6:57 am

Character Full Name: Richard Adlard
Age: 11
Position in the Team : Chaser
Why you chose that role?: Because I have always played at that position, I love scoring goals but am also a team player.
Do you want to be added on the application list as a Captain too? Yes
RPG Test(Minimum 300 words / Situation: Role playing your role in the team):

The morning of their first match had finally arrived. Richard was not scared, but more excited and impatient to get on the Quidditch Field and to show everyone what he was capable to do. He glanced at Kim, who was sitting next to him at the Slytherin table during breakfast. He smiled when he saw how terrified she was.

After breakfast, they joined their team’s changing-room. Everyone was silent, putting on their equipment while the captain was giving his pre-match speech. Richard first looked around, amused by the anxiety on the faces of his teammates, and then turned his attention at the captain, imagining himself in that position. “… and don’t hesitate to be tough. Come on now, it’s time.” They all got up and headed towards the entrance to the pitch. “Don’t worry. I saw the other team’s seeker practicing, and he’s so slow that he won’t even have mounted his broom by the time you catch the Snitch.” he whispered to Kim, trying to make her relax a bit.

After a few moments, of waiting, they finally entered the field, followed by the Ravenclaw Team. There was so much noise that
Richard couldn’t even hear himself think. He glanced at the stand where all the Slytherins were sitting. Most of them were brandishing green and silver scarves and were loudly cheering for their team. Richard smiled enthusiastically at the sight of that.
As soon as the referee blew his whistle, Richard concentrated entirely on the game. The Ravenclaws were fast, but the tactics his team had practiced all week seemed to be effective, and after just a few minutes, the captain scored a goal. “… Slytherin leads 10-0” he heard from the stands. While the others were celebrating, his glanced at Kim to see if she had seen the Snitch. Apparently not, he thought seeing her flying around the field.

However, the Ravenclaws also had various elaborate strategies in store, and started progressively taking the advantage. At the score of 40-10 for the team in blue robes, after one of their Chasers’ attacks, during which they managed to pass the Quaffle between them for several minutes, preventing Richard’s teammates from getting it, and humiliating them in the process, the Slytherin captain, who was known for being very short-tempered, brutally hit one of the players of the opposing team. He was immediately sent off by the referee. Richard watched him land and furiously throw his broom to the ground before heading towards the changing-room. He was mad about his captain’s stupid behavior, but at the same time concerned about the rest of the match, now that his team was outnumbered. The following couple of minutes only confirmed his fear: the blues scored goal after goal while Richard and his teammates could only helplessly stand by.

After some thirty minutes, Ravenclaw was leading 160-20. Kim is our only hope, he thought as their keeper was yelling, complaining about the way the team defended. Richard glanced around, searching for their seeker, and saw her in a fierce race with her rival for the Snitch. Unfortunately, the Ravenclaw seeker seemed to have an advantage, and was getting closer and closer to the tiny ball. It looked like the end was near, but Richard refused to give up. Suddenly having an idea, he quickly flew to one of his Beater’s, took his bat, waited for one of the Bludgers to get near him and hit in as hard as he could towards the seeker. Concentrated on the Snitch, he failed to see the ball coming until it was very close, and even if he reflexively succeeded to avoid it, the maneuver made him lose his balance and focus, giving Kim the edge. Come on, he thought watching her approaching the golden ball, while her rival was still recovering.

However, when she was flying by the official stand, something caught his attention: the scoreboard indicated 170-20. They must have conceded another goal while he was watching the seekers. “Kim, don’t catch it yet!” he yelled to cover up the noise coming from the crowd. “I’ll tell you when to catch it!” Throwing the bat back to the Beater, he rapidly flew back to his team’s goal posts where the keeper was starting a new attack. “We have to score this one” he said to Rose, the only other remaining chaser. “I’ll make the Ravenclaws all come after me so that you end up unguarded in front of the goal. I’ll then pass you the Quaffle and you will score. Can you do that?”. “I’ll try” she replied hesitantly. “Just take your time, concentrate, and then shoot.” She nodded.

Taking the Quaffle, he headed towards the other team’s goal. At the center of the field, two of the opposing Chasers approached him, while the third flew in Rose’s direction. He accelerated, going as fast as his broom allowed him, and flew in a zigzag motion to avoid the first one. Getting close to the goal, he went straight upwards, in an attempt to make the others follow him. Confused by this maneuver, the second chaser was left behind, while the third got away from Rose to block Richard’s path towards the goal. This was what he was waiting for. He instantly threw the Quaffle directly down, hoping Rose would be where she should be. Looking beneath himself, he saw her receive the pass, and after a few seconds shoot. It was a perfect shot, as the keeper was not protecting that goal post. “Now, Kim!” he immediately shouted, searching for his friend.

At the moment he saw her, she was gloriously brandishing a small golden ball in her hand. “Kim Frey catches the Snitch and Slytherin wins 180-170! What an incredible match!” he heard coming from the stands, followed by a loud roar from the Slytherin fans. It worked. We won. Richard thought while the tension of the last couple of minutes was replaced by euphoria. He slowly flew towards the rest of the team, his fist high above his head in sign of victory. When he joined them, they were all congratulating Kim of her magnificent performance. Their eyes met and he smiled: “I told you you were going to catch it.”


Your application has been approved. From now on, you are a Chaser on the Slytherin Quidditch Team. Congratulations.
Approved by: James Riddle
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Apply for Slytherin Quitdditch Team
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